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Enjoy the summer weather with some grass volleyball. Wisconsin is one of the most popular places for grass volleyball. We host one of the biggest tournaments in the state called Triples Bash! We would love to teach the kids how to play this game beyond high school volleyball.

  • 7th Grade and Up

  • 4 Days Long

  • $100/Camp

  • Camp Shirt Included


For our 7th-9th grade group, this camp will be primarily for teaching fundamentals skills to all aspects of positions and volleyball. Gameplay will primarily be quads and 6's.

For our 10th-12th grade group, we will reteach and recover fundamentals but we will get more specific to critique and improve our skills. A large part of this camp will be to teach the grass game...quads but especially triples! This will entail setter placement on the court, solo blocking strategies, rules specific to triples and quads, types of outdoor setting, and other advanced gameplay.

For incoming 7th-12th graders

June 21st - 24th (9:00am-10:30am)


Centennial Park - Grafton, WI

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Jimmy Burg will be leading this camp with assistants from our coaching staff! Jimmy Burg is the head varsity coach at Dominican High School Girl's Program. He has been a part of the I AM staff since 2014.

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Badger Region Membership

Waivers will be signed on the first day of camp for this grass camp. Since we are outside on the grass you will need to sign a medical waiver to participate.

Sign Up For The Grass Camp

You will need to put a $20 non-refundable deposit down and pay the remaining balance on the first day of the camp. The 2 hour camps (10th-12th) are $120 and the 1.5 hour camps (7th-9th) are $100