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Yearly Fundraiser for Our Youth Teams

Sunday June 26th, 2022. Centennial Park, Grafton, WI

We are excited to host another year of Triples Bash! Our goal is not only raise money for our youngest teams to make club volleyball more affordable but also provide one of the best volleyball tournaments of the year!

Register Online
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Men's Triples
Women's Triples
Coed Quads

Grass Volleyball Tournament

Men's - B, A, AA/Open

Women's - A, B

Coed Quads - A/B

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Lunch is Included

We provide a pizza for every team! Choose between Pepperoni, Sausage, or Cheese during registration. We will also have snacks throughout the day.

Drinks on Us

Every team will get drink tickets at checkin that are good for any drink. We will have a variety of options. Including Gatorade and Water for free (No ticket needed). Must be 21 or older to drink alcoholic beverages.

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Prizes and Cash Payouts

All division winners will have a cash payout. Amounts are shown on the Facebook Event. We will have prizes for consolation winners. 









Register Online

A $25 ($40 for AA/Open) non-refundable deposit will need to be made when registering. Remaining fees will be collected a week in advance of the tournament or when the tournament brackets fill.

2022 Rules & Information

We will have

Women's 3v3

Men's 3v3

Coed 4v4 (2 girls, 2 guys)

Each team will get tickets to claim your drinks all day until we run out! Must be 21 or older to drink. Please drink responsibly. At lunch we will provide each team with a large pizza.

1st Place Payout

Prizes for winners in all divsions (except Men's Open)

2nd Place Payout

Prizes for 2nd place

*Consolation winners will receive prizes too!

Entry Fee

Coed 4s - $100/team

Men's Triples A/B - $75/team

Men's Triples Open - $120/team

Women's Triples A/B - $75/team

Junior Quads - $100/team

*Men's Open can have up to 4 players. Extra players will require an extra $25.

Checkin: 8-8:30am

Start time: 9am

End Time: Around 5pm


Centennial Park Soccer Fields

1370 17th Ave

Grafton, WI



Rock/Paper/Scissors will be played between the two captains to determine serve or side; best of one wins and picks either serve or side. Teams will rotate sides and serve after the completion of each game.



All games are rally scoring. Pool play will be 2 games to 21(cap 25). Playoffs will consist of 2 games to 21 points and if needed, a 3rd game to 15 points. No cap for playoffs. The team that wins two games shall be declared the winner. 


Teams do not need to wear uniforms. You can play in shoes with no cleats or barefoot.



Each team is allowed one (one-minute) time-out per game. No carryovers.



Because of wind, sun, and the ground, we switch sides of the net every 7 points. (Example: Score is 4-3, switch. Score is 15-13, switch) On games to 15, switch every 5 points.



On the serve, the ball cannot touch the net. If the ball touches the net, it is considered a miss serve.



A player can break the plane on a spike and a block, as long as you do not interfere with the opponent’s attempt of a returning shot.  You can only interfere if part of the ball is directly over the net or if the opponent has no play on the ball.



Contact with the net is a fault, even when a player’s momentum causes them to contact the net (excessive net faults will result in that player suspended from the game). A player may go completely under the net as long as they neither touch the net or interfere with the play.



Teams will be split into Gold and Silver brackets and pre-seeded by pool.  Best of 3 (21,21,15) no cap.

Bring your tents, chairs, coolers, and snacks!