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Who We Are

We are excited every year that we are able to bring in families and coaching staff that want to be apart of I AM Volleyball. We try to give each athlete a wonderful experience whether its through club of camps.

A Growing Team

Meet the team behind the scenes that help keep I AM running as smooth as possible!

Club Director - Jarrod Luedtke

Club Director - Austin Cass

Club Admin - Marlo Proefrock

Tournament Director - Jimmy Burg

Boys Program Director - Kendall Becker

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I AM Volleyball

We are dedicated to the growth, development and education of our players and their families. Our vision of “complete player” development charges us with the task of preparing players for the physical, mental and emotional demands that high-level competition places upon athletes.

We continue to grow and add more and more benefits with being a part of our club, including loyalty offers, Legacy players, Achievement pins, sibling discounts, competitive coaching pay, overnight tournaments, tournament recaps, social media posting, and a fitness program! We will continue to add more to give our players and their families the full club experience!


As a non-profit organization, we are dedicated to making volleyball accessible to everyone. We offer various programs, such as clinics, leagues, and camps, for players of all ages and abilities to enjoy. I AM Volleyball is also authorized to accept tax-deductible donations and sponsorships, which help us provide equipment, facilities, and training necessary to promote the sport. Our goal is to create a community of volleyball enthusiasts and support athletes in their aspirations to become the best they can be.

Family First

We often call our club a family. We love when we get multiple kids from the same family come through the program and we get to know the parents even more. We understand club is not cheap so we try to lighten the burden by providing family discounts!


$100 off additional siblings that are in the program.

Conflict Resolution

We try our best to make sure each family has an enjoyable experience at our club. If we have a conflict between a family and our club, we have a guideline to follow.

Refund Policy

We strive for excellence each year but if you are not enjoying your time will refund your money. Review our refund policy to see what is refundable.

Coaching Approach

With our positive reinforcement tactics and an emphasis on setting individual and team goals, I AM Volleyball will foster a sense of competitive togetherness. Our athletes are put in an environment that can and will allow for personal achievement inside the team dynamic. We place an emphasis on performance coupled with an enjoyment of the sport and personal accomplishment.

Loyalty Program

We believe in bringing in the best talent when it comes to tryouts but we've learned that, when players continue to choose us as their preferred club to play for, we want to keep those players in the program.


We give out early offers before tryouts to players trying out for the 15, 16, and 17 teams if they have played for us the past 3 consecutive years.

Legacy Players

Legacy players have a special place in the history of I AM because they embody all the qualities that we try to teach. Their talent and commitment have made them an intricate part of the club and we would like to recognize them and their hard work over the years and wish them the best in the future! Plus, they get an awesome custom jacket to show the world they're an I AM Legacy player!

There are 3 requirements you must meet to receive this recognition:

  1. Only played for I AM Volleyball

  2. Started at the 14's level or earlier

  3. Never took a break from club

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