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How Gift Card Fundraising Works

Discover the most convenient way to earn money for what matters most. Offset the cost of school, athletics and music programs, or donations—just by using gift cards to pay for everyday expenses.

With RaiseRight, you don't have to sell goods, plan events, or ask for money. It's the easiest, fastest, and most reliable fundraising solution.

Buy A Gift Card

Let’s say you buy a $100 Gap eGift card from
RaiseRight with 14% earnings. Pay with your
bank account, debit card, or credit card.

Use It

Your $100 eGift card is delivered to your
online RaiseRight Wallet instantly, ready to
use or save for later.

Earn Automatically

With a 14% rebate, you automatically earn $14
for your fundraising account. Way to go!

Thanks, GAP!

Your earnings come from the brand, so no
extra money comes out of your pocket.

Use Your Individual Volleyball Funds

Start your account as soon as you make the team and earn money back on gift cards all year round and reimburse yourself for travel, equipment, and club fees.

Individual Fundraising Opportunities

Help Cover the Costs to Play

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