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Youth League

Youth League

Youth League

This is a great follow up to our development program! In our Youth League, we put teams together and practice for the first half of the session and then scrimmage the second half.


If you're new to volleyball or finishing up your club season, you're welcome to join!

  • 6th Grade and Younger

  • Sign Up as Individuals

  • Two Divisions (Beginner & Advanced)

  • Limiting to 4 Teams Per Group

  • 4 Weeks Long, 90 Minutes per Day

  • $120/Player


May- June 2024

Beginners Group (Non-club players and 3rd-5th grade)


Advance Group (Club players and 6th graders)


Location: Our Savior, Grafton, WI.

Youth League

Play as a Team!

The Youth League is a mini 4-week camp where you will start learning the teamwork it takes to play in live games. You can either bring your own team of 5 players or we can add you to a team of 5 that we assemble.

Each team will be assigned a coach that will also play on their team to help keep the rallies going.

Coaches are either adults or high school kids that are going to Nationals in the summer.

Tournament Day

We will be scrimmaging every day except on the last day, where we'll have a round robin pool play that leads into seeding for the tournament. Winners of the Youth League Tournament get Championship Rings!

Youth League Ring.png
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