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Get Your Badger Region Membership

Memberships for the 2022-23 season will open on September 1st, 2022, for all athletes, coaches, officials and staff members. There are tryout memberships and full memberships available.

Register for Tune-Ups

Has it been awhile since you touched a volleyball or want to stay sharp for tryouts? Make sure to register for tune-ups. They fill up fast!


Not Sure What Team to Try Out For?

You can play with your grade even if you are older than your classmates.

4th Grade = 10's Team

5th Grade = 11's Team

6th Grade = 12's Team

7th Grade = 13's Team

8th Grade = 14's Team

9th Grade = 15's Team

10th Grade = 16's Team

11th Grade = 17's Team

12th Grade = 18's Team

If your child is older for the grade, we can waiver the player to play with their grade level.



14 and Under

October 2nd, 2022

Athletic Performance Facility

(G10/G11/G12) 12pm-2pm

(G13/B12/B13) 2:30pm-4:30pm

(G14) 5pm-7pm

Tryouts Closed


15 and Up

November 13th, 2022

Athletic Performance Facility

(G15) 3pm-5pm

(G16) 5:30pm-7:30pm


Grafton High School

(G17/G18) 10am-12pm

Tryouts Closed
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