I AM Volleyball is planning to host the skill camps again this year but we will be operating a little differently from years past. We are splitting the camps into two groups to keep numbers lower and safer for everyone. We are allowing only 15 kids into each group this year so sign up early to make sure you have you spot.

We are adding Youth Skill Camps during the day of our regular Skill Camps. These are for kids 12 and younger that will be heading into 6th Grade or lower. 






Our summer camps are different than any other camps out there! We focus on reps and progress. At the beginning of each Skill Camp we take a video of the player doing the basic moves of that position. At the end of the 3 days we take another video. We then share this before/after video with you and the player. This is a great way to see how far kids have come in such a short time.

This year we are adding Youth Skill Days. These are the same as the Skill Camps but not has demanding and more games mixed in. You must be going into 5th-6th grade in the fall of 2020 to register for Youth Skill Days.


**You must have a Badger Region Membership to participate.

Changes for 2020 Skill Camps

  • We will be splitting our skill camps into two groups to limit the amount of kids in the gym at one time.

  • Both groups are the same so there is no need to sign up for both groups. 

  • Groups will be limited to 15 players

  • Each camp has been reduced to 2 hours a day

  • Payment will be accepted on Day 1 of the camp instead of online. You still sign up online to secure yours spot.


These camps are for kids going to be in 7th grade through 12th grade in 2020/21.

Each camp is 3 days, 2 hours a day. (6 Hours Total)

Location: Our Savior in Grafton, WI


Group One

4:30pm - 6:30pm

15 Spots Available

Group Two

7pm - 9pm

15 Spots Available

July 6-8th


Waitlist for Groups 1 & 2

Camp Details:

Our most popular camp! This one fills up fast, so make sure to sign up early! We start with a before video and end the camp with our after video. All videos get emailed to the parents by the end of the month. We go over the mechanics of swinging and talk through adding power and control to find the right balance. We will work our way into game scenarios for each position so hitters create a higher volleyball IQ before they leave.

July 13-15th


Waitlist for Groups 1 & 2

Camp Details:

All players are welcome to join the Defense Camp. We will take before and after videos showcasing the progress you make over the 3 days. We first talk about technique that will help create a consistent pass and then we move into scenarios of the game to better prepare each player for their upcoming seasons.

July 20-22nd


Waitlist for Groups 1 & 2

Camp Details:

This camp is designed for Setters connecting with Hitters. We will be taking a before and after video of hitters and the same for setters. Only a max of 15 hitters allowed for this group. Setters will breakdown the technique and practice game situations through different scenarios.

These camps are for kids going to be in 4th grade through 6th grade in 2020/21.

Each camp is 3 days, 90 minutes each

Time: 2:30-4pm

Location: Our Savior in Grafton, WI


Only 15 spots open per camp

July 6-8th


July 6th- We start by breaking down the basics to make sure we have solid base for the remained of the camp!

July 7th- We will recap day one and build on with transitions and shot placement. We will end the day with games to put our progress to the test!

July 8th- The final day we will cover all of of our hitting mechanics and ad more game-like drills and finish with games.

July 13-15th


FULL - Add to Waitlist Only

July 13th- We start with the arms and legs to build a solid foundation and work on movement on the court.

July 14th- We will recap day one and add more speed to the drills. We will go over serve receive and understand responsibilities.

July 15th- After recapping the first two days we will add hustle drills to see our progress in action!

July 20-22nd


JULY 20th- We start the hands and practice our form. We then work our way to the feet to compliment what our hands are doing.

July 21st- We recap the first and add game drills to help make decisions during play. We will add competition drills at the end.

July 22nd- We will be recapping the two previous days and add more games and competitions.




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