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Tournament Recaps 3/6-7/21

Lots of action this weekend! We have some high finishes for our club!


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11 RED

11 Red continued to make memorable plays at this weekend’s Adidas Youth Cup at the Sting Center! Although we are still learning to play with confidence to finish matches we had some awesome rallies and serving runs! We ended the day 1-2.

Here are some of our memorable plays:

  • Sunny’s 11 point serving run -8 of which were aces!

  • Maya hustling to a ball tipped by Sunny and making a great save that eventually led to us winning the point!

  • Elin digging 3 balls in a row with perfect passes!

  • Addi, Ella, Sophie, Mya, Sunny and Abby all with great swings!

  • Avlynn and Nora both with amazing hustle plays to get to a 2nd ball and make awesome sets!

  • Aubryn and Armella with perfect passes off of difficult serves.

It is fun to watch these girls encourage and create a strong team bond!


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12 RED

We competed this past weekend at the Sting Center and entered as one of the top seeds. It was a very quick day, but we learned a lot about what it takes to win at the highest level. We came out strong in our first match and played very clean and aggressive volleyball and won very convincingly. In our second match against Sting White, we continued that hot streak with a strong win in set 1. After that, we struggled and played rather uncharacteristically. Our opponents stepped up their pressure and we allowed some poor plays to stick with us for too long and we dropped the second set. This carried over the 3rd set and we suffered our 4th match loss of the year. The silver lining in this is that the loss stung a little bit and the girls were determined to move past it in our final match of the day.

We learned a valuable lesson about competing at the highest level and that playing hard and with confidence, as well as with self-discipline, are keys to growth in this game. They showed that understanding with an amazing practice the next day as we prepare for the Badger Region Championship Open Division.


We went undefeated for the 2 day winter classic, first tournament at the Wisconsin Center in a long time! We played clean volleyball, and we got into some good rhythms moving the ball around the court. We realized we had to make our serves count, once we focused, we executed. So excited to finish the second half of our season with these wins under our belt

#Shoutout to Katie for court play in the front and back row, Ava for getting some good kills, and Phoebe for getting 3 block touches.

Congratulations on your hard work, ladies!

13 RED

The 13 Red team felt comeback satisfaction after defeating the two teams that beat them in their last tournament. They came out strong to start the day and finished first in their pool. Their consistency and control helped them win their first round of tournament play. After a tough three set match, the thirteens red team fell just short, and finished in second place at the 14s Fondy Dig tournament.

#Shoutout to the parents for being a great cheering section all day!

14 RED

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We are super proud of this team. They played amazing all day, so much energy and sacrifice saves, they were so fun to watch. We won our first match against McHenrys in 2 sets, went on to play Jr Red Knights 16 Red team, came close to winning 18-25 and 22-25, they played really well together with a player missing and more shuffling in our lineup, but that did not distract them at all.

Onto the Silver bracket where we played against a very determined 17-1 team (they lost 2 players in one set in a previous match) and lost, but still close and definitely held our own 23-25 and 14-25.

All the girls did an amazing job and we cannot wait until Badger Region this weekend.

#Shoutout to EVERY girl on the team for playing their knee pads off and also able to play different positions when needed.

15 RED

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16 RED

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17 RED

We played in the Winter Classic Premier Division to continue to challenge our team to play at our best! As we are getting better, we still are searching for a way to close out games. We had some exciting matched and dynamic plays throughout the day. We love the challenging schedule as it will better prepare us for USAV Nationals! Overall at this tournament we went 1-4 (8-16 season total)

#Shoutout to Andy Ashley and Kari Schmitt for reffing our games!

18 RED

This weekend 18R had a one-day Junior Challenge tournament. The first match was a strong showing from every single player and we won 25-8 & 25-9! The second match we got ourselves into trouble with some unforced errors but instead of letting it spiral the girls fought their way back from a six point deficit in the first set to win 26-24 and a SEVEN point deficit in the 2nd set to win 25-19. The third match was against a very scrappy 414 team which resulted in a 3-set loss to walk away with 3rd place. The biggest breakthrough this weekend was the team sustaining a positive attitude. When this team plays hard and has fun, they're an absolute sight to see and a force to be reckoned with. It felt like a turning point for the season and I cannot wait for next weekend's one-day tourney.

#Shoutout to Mckenna and Sydney for executing on middle back defense, which looked the sharpest it has all season!
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