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Tournament Recaps 3/27-28/21

3rd weekend of Badger Region Championships took place this weekend!


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It was a fun little 1/2 day tournament we had on Sunday. We played very well considering we were missing 4 girls. We won 1 of 3 matches and had a blast playing new positions.

#Shoutout to Emma for playing right side all around and dominating as a hitter, Juhi for playing middle and knowing exactly what to do and where to be and Ella for being our setter running a 5-1 and doing the best should could with little practice, super proud of them all.

We are excited to spend a weekend in the Dells for our next tournament.

15 RED

15 Red went into this weekend a little short handed but were excited for the opportunity to run some new lineups and play up in another tournament. In a shortened tournament format they came out and dominated their pool. They dropped one set in the first two matches and won the rest of their sets by 7 points or more. Going into the championship match they played a tough Penguins 1's team and were able to win in 2 sets in a hard-fought match. The team showed a lot of consistency with all 3 levels of contacts and established a high level and play and focus throughout the day. The "we before me" mentality and grittiness is helping this team continue to improve and move forward. It's exciting to see the girls ready to continue to push themselves to be at their best.

#Shoutout to Sarah Prom for her confidence and efforts throughout the day. She established from point #1 her leadership as she ran a 5-1 in amazing fashion.


16 White participated in the Junior Madness II Tournament early on Sunday morning, March 28th, at the RecPlex. After a great showing at Badger Region Championships just 2 weeks before, the team came in with a mindset to earn the top spot here. The team came out strong in our first game at 8:30am to win 2 sets in a row (25-19 & 25-12).

Our second game proved to be a real battle as we went to 3 sets and played hard for each and every single point in that match (24-26, 26-24 & 12-15). We were unable to snatch away the victory and got ready for our third game.

We were able to steamroll the match with great plays by everyone on the court to take the sweep (25-14 & 25-3). S/O to Abby Walter for a 10+ service run to carry the team to victory in the second set.

Heading into our last match of the day, after playing three straight games, was another battle that we had to fight for every point. The team we faced was tall and was not afraid to swing hard and block high. However, we did not back down from the fight and took the game to 3 sets (20-25, 27-25 & 10-15). At the end of the day, we were not able to take that victory, however, the team played great to play well against great opponents so early in the morning and in a row.


The 17s white team played at the Badger Championships this weekend and we came out with some steam on Saturday morning and went two and one on the day. After a roster snafu, we went on to day two going two and one again. I'm proud of my whole team as we played with seven players on Sunday. Izzy Lutz and Hannah Helmbrech played in different positions than they are normally, and Jenna Butchlik also played all around.

A special thanks goes out to Grace and Jennacy for helping us out.(well kind of ) you guys are great and the team adored you


Coming Soon!

17 RED

17 Red battled it out at the Badger Region Championships in the Open Division! Our two setters got to run a 5-1 which gave them great experiences that we normally get to do when we have a full squad. Day one was competitive but we could quite get the the edge in those matches but we came back on day two with a big appetite for points! We finished 2-1 on day two winning out our bracket! We are proud of the way the girls handle the challenges and we continue to compete with some of the top teams in the state. It was all smiles on Sunday and that is why we play!

18 RED

This weekend 18 Red had our Badger Region Championships! We knew coming into the tournament some adjustments needed to be made due to absences - the team ran a 5-1 for the first time all season and, for most of the girls, in their high school careers. Day 1 went a little rough, but each and every player had some showcase moments and those who were asked to play new roles did so without complaint. Day 2 went better! The girls showed up ready to play. We fought and lost a close 3rd set in our first match, then went back and forth and lost a close match against the second team who we'd already faced on the first day, going on several 7+ point comeback runs. Then finally won a clean 2-0 final match due to the best effort I've seen all season from our base defense and a few impressive serving runs from Mandy and Rose! I am proud of the way the team picked up steam over the course of the weekend as they got accustomed to the rhythm of a 5-1 and am looking forward to carrying the resilience of day 2 into the upcoming late-season tournaments.

#Shoutout to Olivia for setting in the 5-1 with incredible consistency!
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