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Tournament Recaps - 3/19-20/22

First weekend of Badger Region Championships took place. Our 16's and up played there. See how they did!

16 RED

We came in with determination this weekend! Half the players on this team are 2-time Badger Region Champions. Day one was a solid day. Our goal was to not take any plays off no matter the competition or the score. It was awesome to see them do just that. This level of play didn't allow our opponents to catch their breath. Almost every time the ball came on our side we were swing hard right back at them. We secured the 1 seed in our pool and gave ourselves a chance to go to Gold in day two.

Our first crossover match for Gold or Silver was against Milwaukee Jrs. We came out hot and took control of both sets early and never let go! Winning 25-12 and 25-17. Next up was Madtown 16-2. They too got the wrath of efficient volleyball :) We won those two sets 25-17 and 25-18.

Now the real challenge has begun as we faced off against Elevate 16 Black and they had a heavy hitter on the outside. This was by far our best match this weekend. Both teams went on runs and it was back and forth the entire time.

Big #ShoutOut to Elyse for some huge straight down blocks in key moments of the championship match.

We did lose the match 0-2 with the scores 29-31 and 22-25. We had chances to win both sets and it could have gone either way. Still very fun! Both teams earned points and I have to say that was the most exiting club match I've been a part of.

Another #Shoutout to Carolyn for dominating all weekend long. She is our Tournament MVP!


Coming Soon!


16 White kicked off their Badger Region Championships bright and early Saturday morning against the Junior Red Knights 16 White! They started off hot beating them 25-23 and 25-7! The team did an amazing job as a whole adjusting to their new 5-1 rotation. Lots of girls got to play different and new positions. They didn’t let that stop them from putting balls away and scoring points! They kept this same energy even as the competition got more heated. They went 4-0 Saturday getting them into the 12pm Gold Challenge game! Sunday afternoon, the girls played Lakeshore Storm and although they lost 25-17 both sets they picked themselves back up and went on to win the silver bracket taking 5th overall out of 20! Amazing job this weekend girls!

#Shoutout to Belle and Teagan for making amazing plays as off blockers!
#Shoutout to Kate for going on another amazing serving run. Gaining two pins this weekend!

17 RED

17 Red came into the Badger Region Championships as the overall #2 seed and had their sights set on winning the tournament. Through their past success they earned a quality draw to get them deep into the tournament. On Day 1 the girls played with a lot of focus and determination to compete at their level of play throughout the day. They also had to

persevere through long breaks and many officiating assignments. After winning their challenge/crossover match at the beginning of Day 2 the girls found themselves 3-0 and in the Semifinals of the Gold Bracket. There they faced off against Xtreme VBC. This team beat our very much respected rival River City in the quarterfinals so we knew we had a challenge ahead. The team came out with a lot of energy and fire and took a big lead in Set 1 and never looked back winning 25-11. In Set 2 Xtreme came out with more intensity and played at a higher level. Through a few mistakes and some timid play the team was able to make big plays at big moments and win 25-23 to get to the final. In the final the match was vs MKE Sting 17 White. The team competed well, never giving up on points. Unfortunately through a few runs of unforced errors we lost the match in 2 to take 2nd place in the Badger Region Championships. Our team has shown to be a very good team this season but I think we are starting to find out the gap between very good and great is our next hurdle to overcome. We have all the skill and athleticism needed to win that match but improving on precision, awareness, high level focus, and killer instinct is our next challenge. With that being said the coaching staff couldn't be more proud of where this team is at and what we continue to accomplish as a group. We are excited for the challenges ahead and embrace opportunities moving forward!

#Shoutout to Grace Rochon for her ability to adapt and change her game throughout the season and especially during the Badger Region Championships.

Something that we preach is embracing change and through that going outside your comfort zone. Grace has been able to do just that and with her changes she has been able to help the team i\n so many different ways and was a player the team could lean on throughout the entire weekend! Grace is your Badger Region Championships Tournament MVP!!!


Like all teams, 17Black competed in the Badger Region Championships this past weekend. While we didn’t have a lot of wins, it was a lot of fun and players really gave it their all. We were a little short handed and many players were excited to play new positions and work together on something new. We never gave up and pushed all teams in our matches – but we seemed to come out just short in most. That didn’t discourage the team and they came to play each set. Our offense was led again by Maddie Klumpyan with x kills and some great overall play and leadership. Becca Arendt was a good part of the offense as well – with x kills and x aces. Molly Trepanier and Natalie Fernald were aggressive in the middle and did a great job on offense and defense. Anna Rosewitz also did a great job playing outside on Saturday and chipped in with x kills. Our defensive specialists (EJ and Macey) did an outstanding job in serve receive and had some great digs in defense and we think the highlight of the weekend was watching them both hit on Sunday and especially how excited the team got for each of their kills!! This past weekend, one player who did a great job leading the team, keeping people involved, and pushing herself at the net as well as serving – and is our tourney MVP – Ava Patty!! Congrats.


Our team ended on a high note at the Badger Region Championships this weekend! We were 4 - 2 overall, taking 1st in the Bronze bracket. The two matches we lost on Saturday, both went to 3 sets and we lost those matches by only 2 and 3 points. However, our progress, growth and success was not measured by our win/loss record this weekend. We are extremely proud of how they implemented many aspects of the game we’ve been trying to instill in them from the beginning of the season. On Sunday, they applied our defensive strategy perfectly, passing was some of the best we’ve seen, they played aggressively and teamwork, support, confidence and intensity were through the roof!! We look forward to seeing them carry this forward through the rest of the season!

18 RED

This past weekend, 18 Red faced some good competition and ended up being 2-3, finishing in the silver bracket. On day one, we were able to win against both Wisconsin Blaze and the JR Red Knights. Though being seeded second next to Wisconsin Juniors, this was a team we had full capability of beating. However, they exposed some of our weaker areas and ended with the win.

On day two, we had a chance at winning the silver bracket but fell short against One Wisconsin and Elevate VBC. By no means was this our best volleyball, but we plan to use it as motivation moving forward for our final three tournaments. We can only hope to learn from our mistakes and use them to grow in the future. This weekend, our MVP was Abby Proefrock! She helped lead the team through challenging situations and was an effective all-around player.

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