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Tournament Recaps 2/6-7/21

3 teams played this weekend. The rest of the teams battled it out in our Club Scrimmages! Most matches were won 2-1 with some very exciting, high energy plays. It was great to see all of our teams play in a season where spectating is limited. We have all the matches recorded and saved on either Facebook or Instagram.


Some good improvements were made this weekend and we still have room to grow! We spend most of the tournament out of system making it hard for our hitters. Every tournament

we have been in we are playing up which only can make us better and the kids enjoy the challenge. Our team has held on when needed and they are taking away some ideas seen by the older players.

#Shoutout to Abby for rockin it at the net. She is consistent and it helps our team out when we can’t find the floor on the other side.
#Shoutout to Addi who has been working hard at quick sets. We all get super excited when she dominates that.
#Shoutout to Madisyn for also being consistent hitting outside and playing any position when needed


We had a challenging tournament at Fond Du Lac. We were down a few players and had to shuffle positions quite a bit. It's hard to keep your head in the game (especially when you're playing a non-normal position). We took a couple lumps, but learned how to emotionally recover as a team. Life isn't always rainbows and unicorns, but the team did well with recovering and is stronger because of it. We went 2-2 on the day. I'm proud of my team as we were playing with seven players much of the day!


Coming Soon!

Club Scrimmage Photos

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