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Tournament Recaps 2/27-28/21

11 RED

The 11 RED team was excited to play in the very competitive 16 team Fusion 12's tournament this weekend. It was a very competitive field with only two 11's teams in the tournament.

Our weekend consisted of one goal and that was to create memorable plays and we did that.

We started play against the Junior Viking and started by playing our best ball of the day. The most memorable play of that match happened early when Sunny "Roofed" their outside hitter on one of the first swings of the day. That was the first block of a hard swing we have had this season.

Here are some more memorable plays that we had this weekend:

Sophie had a left handed attack for a kill

Addi had an awesome pass (then was given the set) and crushed it!!!

Aubryn had a back row attack for a kill

Mya used her awesome vertical and had an awesome spike

Nora had an incredible dive for a ball

Aubryn had a full layout to a perfect pass on serve receive

Avlynn had a 13 point service run in a 15 point game!

We ended the day 1-3 with a super exciting match against Premier 12 teal which we were very close to winning!

Great performance by all this weekend and can't wait to see you back on the court!

- Coach Jarrod and KC and Ryden!


This weekend we had a lot of great success at our Fusion Fest tourney. Finally all the hard work is coming together. Rotations and positions are starting to become more clear for these young athletes. We played our best volleyball to date. Our top banana award went to Caroline Bell. Congratulations Caroline! She earned this award for her amazing serves, swings at the net and defense this tournament. We found ourselves in the Silver Bracket for the first time and gave Sting United 12 Red team from Madison a run for their money. We were close to taking the second set 21-25! We played great all around and didn't give up. Super proud of you girls!

14 RED

14 Red was back in Pleasant Prairie for another half day affair. Like most tournaments we started out slow in the first match making too many unforced errors and putting ourselves in a huge hole. However, we stayed calm, cleaned up our act and won the race to 25. Our second set went much smoother as we saw the girls calm down and just have fun playing ball.

#Shoutout to Mollie for starting set 2 with a 10 point scoring run!

Match 2 put us up against a better team. We fought hard and gave it our all, but came up short losing in 3. Matches 3 and 4 were almost a copy of previous. One easy victory, and another hard fought loss in 3 sets.

The girls are settling into their roles. We handle serving and the defensive side of the ball well, but need to stay aggressive when playing better teams. We too often want to play it safe when what we need to do is attack hard and help cause a few errors on the other side of the court. On a good note, I'm happy to say the team is gelling nicely. Between tik toks during our down time and pinching each other on the sidelines I can report that our girls are getting along nicely. Next weekend we're going to bring that energy and those crisp moves to the court, right girls?? ;-)


I always say we have improved and it definitely showed on Saturday when we took 1st in our pool. Our serving was spot on and super proud that we always have little error on an easy point. Our point differential was 39 in pool play but a sad -23 in bracket play. We took our first loss of the day to a powerful Impact team to end our tournament play. We will continue to get practice our hitters to hit stronger and in spots other than zone 6 and have our middles blocking more. If we do that, I can definitely see us getting far.

Big #Shoutout to Addi who had an 11 point serve run (down 5-6 to up 16-6), Abby had a 5 point serve run to win the game (down 21-24 in the same game 🙄) and to Hailey who did excellent for us hitting right side and thankful to her that she is willing to play back row or hitter when we need her to on the fly.

16 RED

We went to the Badger Region National Qualifier this past weekend. This tournament featured some of the top teams in the state and we were up for the challenge! We split the first two matches which included a closely fought battle against the top ranked team. Next we beat Sting White giving Coach Kevin his first career victory over that club! We would win our last match of the day bringing our record to 3-1 which was a 2nd place finish and qualified us for day 2. On Sunday we would end up 0-3 but never losing by more than a few points and two of the matches went to a third set. I saw some real growth from this team and I could not be more proud of their effort this weekend.

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