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Tournament Recaps 2/20-21/21

Badger Power League week 2 happened! See how our teams did in the league.

13 RED

The 13 Red team had a successful and challenging weekend playing in the 14-Select division in the Power League. They finished the weekend 3-2 and were pushed to be consistent and controlled in every game. They had to step up their scrappy play and quickness to pull through and get wins against some tough teams!

Paige Proefrock bringing down the hammer!

The team received compliments from many coaches and officials about how focused and controlled they are for a 13’s team playing in the 14-Select division. What a great compliment for this awesome team!

14 RED

This weekend we played in the second round of the Badger Region Power League. Our afternoon started out with some slow and sluggish play. We allowed our 1st opponent to get a small lead and keep it into the 20's. We regrouped, focused on the play at hand, fought hard and finished set 1 with a win. We kept our momentum and finished off set 2 quickly. Match number 2 was against a very good team from Eclipse. Throughout set 1 we would let them get a 4 point lead and then proceed to tie it up. Down 21-24 we again tied the game at 24 only to lose 24-26. The loss threw us out of balance and we never got into game 2, leading to our only loss of the weekend. For the 3rd match we cleaned up our serve receive and defense which allowed us to slowly gain and keep a few point lead to take RVA in 2 sets.

So far this season we've been moving our hitters around trying to find the best lineup. For day 2 I made the biggest change to date moving 3 hitters to different positions from Day 1. Getting adjusted, we lost set 1 13-25 against a decent team that we should beat. We suffered in serve receive giving away long runs where we just couldn't get a sideout. We stuck it out, gained some confidence in our lineup, and won the match in 3. This led to our rematch with I AM 13 Red. After losing to them in our scrimmage the girls were hungry for a rematch. We came out playing hard aggressive volleyball and put 13R on their heels. We finished set one with a 25-17 win. Set 2 saw us go down 3-9. We fought back and made it to 20 first, only to give up a 22-18 lead, letting 13R tie up the game 23-23. A missed serve from 13R, and an ace by Eden, and we took the match 25-23.

#Shoutout to all the 14 Red girls. We played, fought hard and won as a team.

We finished the weekend 4-1 for second place in our pool. I'm especially happy with our aggressive play when competition was tough and our coverage of short balls on defense. Awesome job ladies!!


Coming Soon!


Definitely an improvement seen by all of the girls this weekend. A few changes to the rotation and I think we found our groove. They continued to push every point with great attitudes and energy. We ended the weekend with 2 wins. Bring on The Blaze!!!!

#Shoutout to Abby for an 8 point run and Emma with 3 ace serves in a row. Ava for putting up more and more blocks each day!!! And Natalie for a tremendous job setting.

15 RED

15 Red went into weekend #2 of Badger Power League with a very road ahead. Four matches on Saturday with the first being at 730 am, needing to play three consecutive matches because of timing of matches, and playing the 4th match on Saturday with short rest the girls proved a lot to themselves this weekend. This team showed a lot of resilience and grit through the tough schedule and with playing some of the best competition in their division. There are some points and sets that the team would like to have back but at the end of the weekend this team was playing their best volleyball of the season. The focused effort on the small things that they have been doing in practice began to show and pay off in big moments. Closing out matches has been a focus for this team and they did it in spectacular fashion in their challenge match on Sunday to finish the weekend 3-3 and to stay with some of the toughest competition for the final power league weekend. I could not be prouder of this group on what they accomplished to finish the weekend and how it can build into future weekends.

#Shoutout to Elyse Karrels and Josie Seifert for taking their middle presence offensively and defensively to the next level this past weekend.


The 16 White team had a great weekend in the Badger Region Power League at Center Courts in Waukesha. The team played really well on the first day to keep all of the games close with our opponents. After playing awesome on the last pool game on the second day, there was a 4-way tie for first on wins in our pool!! Luckily because we kept all our games close, we came out on top with our points per set! Everyone had their own highlight plays and reels throughout the two days of play. The team is always improving each and every day and can't wait for the next tournament!


The 16 Black team competed hard in the second round of the Power League – finishing tied for second in our pool. While it took some coaxing to get going at 7:30 a.m. each day, we really displayed our grit and never give up attitude – coming back in nearly every game, and going to 3 in all but 2 matches – and one of those we won 36-34/27-25! The team really pulled together, supported each other, and kept a positive attitude no matter the score- playing our best volleyball of the year (so far 😊)!

#Shoutout to Ava Patty for skillfully running a 5-1 all day on Saturday!!

We even ran our first stack resulting in no block in front of Grace and her bouncing a ball to the rafters!! Scott even got the team going with some skillful Pokemon catching! It was so much fun to watch this team hitting on all cylinders and fighting hard against some really good competition. Scott and I couldn’t be more proud, and we can’t wait for our next chance to compete!!

16 RED

16 Red was at the second weekend of the Badger Region Power League. We continued league in the top pool. We started out with a three set win against a Wisconsin Junior's team. This win was followed by a pair of tough losses. In our 4th match of the day we again came up short but were the only team to win a set against an FC Elite team. In our final match in the pool we racked up another three set victory. The set win against FC Elite gave us the tie breaker and a 3rd place finish in our pool. We finished the weekend with a crossover match that we didn't have much in the tank and lost thus ending with a 2-4 record. We remain competitive with all the top teams in this league and hope to stay in the top group heading into the 3rd and final weekend.


The 17 White played at pleasant prairie in the badger power league this weekend. We played well, but we are still learning to play when we are fatigued. The team had lots of fun. (Because that is why we play, right?!) We had a lot of close matches and were successful in most as we went 4-2 on the weekend. This is a great group of girls that have a lot of swagger. One of the highlights of the weekend was Caitlin Woldt's great service runs.


Coming Soon!

17 RED

Power League Week Two! Full of competition! This division is no joke and it demands our team to be mentally and physically strong throughout the entire day! I have to say our team

played pretty well. We might have gassed out at the end but no doubt left it all out there! We got our first league win in a stunning game three 16-14 with a game winning kill from Ellie Lopata who stepped op and played middle blocker for us all weekend. Unfortunately we did not get that last point on camera (cough cough, Andy...) We finished day one 1-3.

Day two the girls played another nail bitter 3 set match and lost 13-15. But that match was a blast to be a part of. We ended up playing our 18 Red team for our crossover and once again we went 3 in a close match and came out on top with a game winning kill from Helena Ashely who also played a newish position of outside hitter.

Us coaches are extremely proud of the fight they give and our reslilency. We are finding ourselves to be underdogs in a lot of our matches this year and we are starting to embrace that role.

#Shoutout to Helena and Ellie for playing new positions and getting game winning kills!

18 RED

This weekend 18 Red had our second weekend of Badger Power League. We started off on a high note - earning a 3-set win against a team that bested us last time at power league. The next match was against a very skilled team and rather than getting demoralized we picked it up over the course of the match, losing a very close second set and walking away with heads held high. The rest of the day was packed with high caliber teams as well, though, so we ended up 1-3 on the day due to a few good serving runs. The girls came back with some fight in them on Sunday - taking both opponents (our 17 Red team included) to a 3rd set despite being down personnel.

#Shoutout to Rose for stepping up as a 6-rotation OH!

Overall the weekend showed that we certainly are not lacking talent, and when the effort and energy are there we can play to the level of any team we face.

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