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Tournament Recaps 1/15-16/22

The BIG Winter Classic posted hosted downtown Milwaukee this weekend along with a few other tournaments in the area. Here is how our teams did! #SpoilerAlert We have WINNERS!

10 RED

Coming Soon!

11 RED

Coming Soon!

12 RED

This weekend 12 Red played in the winter classic, a two day tournament in Milwaukee! The first day we went 4-0, not dropping a single set during the long day! The girls showed passion and resilience as they never gave up when down. Some highlights in the first day included tough serving and some great saves during long rallies to keep the ball alive! The girls’ fantastic effort earned us a spot in the gold bracket for day two.

#Shoutout to Sophie, Avlynn, Ella, and Nora for all earning there serving pin by getting at least five aces each in a single match!

Day two of play started with a competitive semifinal match. The first set went back and forth but unfortunately ended in a 26-28 loss. The girls fought hard but weren’t able to pull out a win in set two, so we moved onto the bronze medal match. We quickly rebounded after our only loss of the weekend to win the bronze medal match in straight sets! The girls did a fantastic job of controlling the ball which allowed us to utilize three contacts on most plays and take aggressive swings! There were also a few great blocks by our middles-Sunny and Abby!

#Shoutout to Aubryn for earning the tournament MVP award.

She was a consistent passer in the back row and never let a ball drop without making an effort to go after it! Most importantly, she was a great teammate by always bringing positive energy on and off the court!

Congrats to the players of 12 Red on their first medal of the season!


1 Black continued their season this nast weekend at the Winter Classic tournament. We

started off Saturday moming with a win against Wisconsin Juniors 12-Select and a close loss to Wisconsin Premier. This placed us into the second pool of the day where we had 2 losses

against Wisconsin Elite and Madtown 121. Although our Saturday record was not what we had hoped for, we learned a lot from these losses and were ready to use what we learned in the Bronze bracket on Sunday. We started off Sunday by playing Wisconsin Juniors again, and we were able to secure a win against them again! #Shoutout to Sierra for earning her Ace Pin in this game! This then placed us into the Bronze championship game, where we played OVBC. We won the first set 25-19, but through a hard fight, we ended up losing the last two sets 25-17, and 15-11. Despite the loss, we had a total of 20 aces against OVBC!

#Shoutout to Brianna and Gabby for earning their Ace Pins in this game!

Lastly, with a team vote and agreement between the coaches we awarded Armella the MVP for this tournament.

#Shoutout to our MVP Armella! She had numerous digs and aces, and saved us multiple times throughout the weekend.

Aside from her awesome Libero skills, she was an overall excellent teammate throughout the weekend, and always was building her teammates up when we were down in a match! 12 Black learned so much in this competitive tournament and as the weekend progressed, our skills improved! Great job 12 Black!

13 RED

We played in the Open Division of a Prep Dig event in Appleton this weekend and went undefeated and earned ourselves some Championship t-shirts! But, what was obviously more important than the t-shirts was the overwhelming feeling of joy and satisfaction the girls felt in winning together. Comments from the girls such as "THAT was so much fun!", and "I love this team," were the takeaways. Even though we dropped 2 sets over the weekend, we played as a team through some minor injury adversity, some stints of missed serves, and lapses of consistent energy, to play a clean and crisp brand of volleyball that was enjoyable to watch. The girls continue to take coaching well and accept being pushed to do hard things. It is difficult to choose a singular MVP from a weekend where each player made spectacular plays and impacted the outcomes of each set. But, I think Abby Barthelemy deserves to be identified as the MVP for this past weekend. Her serving became so consistent and she was able to attack the zones she was given. She also passed extremely well in serve recieve. When she did have an errant pass (which liberos do sometimes), she never showed any concern over a previous play and made the next one. Her composure when things don't go as planned is a real asset to this team. Overall, I am amazed by what these young ladies can do, as they begin the season with a 11-1 record...they have so much more room to grow and they are ready for more! A special recognition is deserved for Halley Muilenberg for providing the serve we needed and running effective quick sets in the middle to keep opposing defenses honest.


Our team's goal going into this tournament was to finish in the Gold Bracket! Overall we did an awesome job for our first 2 day tournament! We lost to our challenge team on Sunday and ended up in the Silver Bracket. We strengthened our mental muscles and learned more about what it takes to push through the struggles. There were lots of people who made big plays and helped this team with their success but we'd like to recognize 2 people that stood out this weekend. First, Brooklyn Cherney, for being voted by her teammate our Girl Power traveling trophy!! Brooklyn did an outstanding job serving throughout the tournament ending with 15 aces over the 2 days! Wow! She earned another Ace pin! Brooklyn also kept a positive attitude even when we were down, showing her mental toughness! Congrats Brooklyn! Our MVP award for this tournament went to Summer Wille. Summer's constant communication with her team on the court helped keep her team in the right spots and together. Her knowledge of the game and defensive hustle allowed her to make critical offensive and defensive plays. Congrats Summer! It definitely takes a team to succeed and that was the case this weekend; the girls should be proud of themselves.

14 RED

At the Prep Dig Resolution in Appleton, the 14 Red team went 2-2 against some very competitive teams that pushed the girls to implement skill and strategy that they have been taught in practice. Even with the two losses, both games went to three sets and were very close in score. The girls maintained consistency and control throughout all four matches, and really saw how important it is to have constant communication and energy.

#Shoutout to Katie for always being positive an energetic, as well as using her coach’s feedback about hitting and tipping placement!


Winter Classic weekend....woohoo. Nothing like a weekend of great volleyball. 14 Black started out the weekend with 2 strong wins in pool play against teams invading from the south. The evenings cross over match pitted us against an intimidating MOD team. The girls fought hard to take the first set, stumbled in our serve recieve in second and just missed gold with a tough 15-17 loss in third. Coming back Sunday, the girls banded together and decided that no team was going to intimidate them. All aspects of the game were stepped up. Every player on the team took minor instruction given and ran with it. Strong serving from everyone, great defense and aggressive swings at the net led us to 3 match wins to earn the Silver Championship.

#Shoutout to Middles Eden and Olivia for aggressively protecting the net Sunday. #ThouShallNotPass. #Roof.


We played at the Wisconsin Center this past weekend at the Winter Classic. This is our 2nd tournament of the year and we've already seen so much improvement! One day one we were able to pull some upsets and go 2-1 sending us into the Gold Bracket for Sunday. The team passed and served extremely well which led to more kills from our offense. We handed a handful of serving pins on day one but now we are in Gold and the teams were stronger. We won our crossover match and then ran into some pretty tough competition in the semi-finals. We finished 4th place out of 16 teams. Great job!

Here is a picture of Coach Bart giving the team the game plan!


We started the day hot and came out with a win against Spiketown. We found our groove in the front row and our defense was making great transitions. This carries into our hard fought second game where we took NW Stars to 3 games. It was a hard fought fight but didn’t have enough in the end to pull off the win. We came back for our third set of the day with great serve receive and our front row found all the holes to win the set. Moving on to bracket play we came against a team that was evenly matched. We came out and played unbelievable in game one to catch the easy win. The second game our serving errors got the best of us which lead us to a game three. Our serve receive struggled and our hitters couldn’t find their holes to get us down by 10. The girls tried to fight their way back but unfortunately couldn’t dig themselves out of the hole.

It was great to see our serve receive improve from last weekend and our connection between our setter and hitters is only continuing to develop. Out setters did an amazing job playing all the way around due to having to fill in for teammates unable to make the tournament.

#Shoutout to Grace for demanding the back row and Breliegh for having strong serving runs when we needed her to!


Coming Soon!


16 White made their mark in Milwaukee this past weekend! They didn’t let last week get them down. They came and played their hearts out and went 5-1 for the entire weekend. They beat multiple teams by 10+ points in many different sets! Coming in 3rd out of 16 teams. The girls started out the weekend strong against One Wisconsin. Beating them 25-14 and 25-15. They kept this same energy in the next game against Balance 16 Black going 25-19 and 25-12! They finished off the day 6-0 in set wins! Even though they ended late Saturday night they were still able to win their 8am game the next morning against Wisconsin Premier 25-19 and 25-11! Coach Kate and Mo are so proud of the girls for coming out strong and staying on top throughout all their games this weekend.

#Shoutout to Amanda and Julia for earning their serving pins!!

The girls really worked on their serving in practice this past week and it showed in the games. With multiple girls being able to get aces in almost every single game! Aces weren’t the only thing that helped earn us points this weekend! Our back row players did an amazing job tracking the ball and getting the pass up!

#Shoutout Kate for all her amazing back row plays. Great Job, Kate!

The girls fell one match short against MOD Elite G16 but they never gave up during the set. They played some hard competition and really held their own. Looking forward to what they bring at their next tournament on January 30th at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater!


17 White had many ups and downs at the Winter Classic tournament. We are still figuring out how to be cohesive as a team and stay positive when we get down. We suffered a couple losses we should have come out on top, but that’s all part of the game. Ultimately, we were 3 - 4 overall for the weekend, finishing 7th out of 12 teams. The girls were definitely working on building their endurance because we took 4 of our 7 matches to 3 sets! We have a few weeks to focus in the gym before our next tournament, so we intend to come out stronger on the other side!

#SHOUTOUT to our two Middles, Rebecca Sepanic and Maren Wollmer, for achieving MVP status at the two day Winter Classic!

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