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Tournament Recap 3/20-21/21

The second weekend of Badger Championships took place this past weekend! Three teams head to The Barn and one team shares some memories with a bowling day!


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11 RED

It was a weekend of excitement for the 11 Red team as they competed in the Badger Region Tournament this weekend. We have been working so hard all year and we were definitely excited to show off our skills.

We started off the weekend with two very close intense matches that we ended up on the wrong side of, losing 15-10 and 15-13 in the deciding set. As a team we decided that we were going to play a little different moving forward. Our main focus was to score the last point of every game moving forward and we did that! We won our next five matches without dropping a game and playing our best volleyball of the season with only 2 opponents scoring more than 20 points in those 10 games. The best part was two of those teams were teams that we have lost to in the past. Revenge is sweet!!! Here are a couple of highlights from this weekend:

  • Sunny and Abby owned the net with multiple blocks in every match!

  • Avlynn had multiple huge service runs over 12 points ( one would have been 25 if I didn't take her out)

  • Sophia, Addie, Mya and Ella all did a great job of hitting and passing!

  • Mya and Abby both had hits that were hit down in front of the defenders.

  • Our back row of Elin, Aubryn and Armella were aggressive and passed perfect freeballs all day!

  • Our setter Nora and Avlynn did an exceptional job of getting to the second contacts and putting up great sets for the hitters!

  • Elin made her first serve ever from behind the end line!

The girls played as a team and watching them support each other was so awesome! Thank you for all of the great memories from this weekend!

12 RED

The girls finally got the chance to play up at an event. We played in Green Bay in a 14's event and held our own quite well! Despite our smaller stature and unfamiliarity with the ball and net height, we were able to exhibit smooth and confident play. We served tough, played intelligent offensively, and gave a consistent effort. We ended the day with a 3-2 record and fell in the finals in 2 very tough sets, 21-25, 25-27. It was awesome to see the girls do so well. It was also nice to have the parents there to cheer them on. The girls represented themselves, their families, and IAM Volleyball admirably.


13 Black came out swinging at Badger Regions this weekend! They played a hard first game against the #1 ranked team for the weekend. They pulled out with an early lead, but just couldn’t hold on. The picked up their heads and won a hard fought 2nd match to come out 2nd in our pool. We then moved on to play our crossover matches to see where we would continue on for the weekend. We were able to pull off a win against Wisconsin Premier Teal team in 3! This brought us to our most exciting match of the day to play our own 13-Red team! It was back and forth the entire first game when we ultimately lost 22-25. We ended losing game 2 which put us in the silver bracket for playoffs.

Day 2 just was not our day. We struggled to find open spots on the court and lost our first two matches of the day. The girls were able to come together and finish out the day with a win to end on a high note.

#Shoutout to Ava for getting a block and Sydney for some great serving runs!

13 RED

The 13 Red team had an awesome Badger Region weekend!!! The girls went 3-0 on Saturday and 2-1 on Sunday, placing them 3rd in Gold in their division!! The lost a total of 2 sets over the weekend, by 2 points and by 4 points against a strong Sting team in the Gold bracket semi-finals. The entire team was extremely consistent both days with all skills that made it hard for most teams to keep up with them.

#Shoutout to the entire team for having amazing ball control all weekend, even when they were out of system!!

Paige, Emy, and Riley were covering every part of the backcourt, setting our team up for great offensive plays! These three were reading the hitters and keeping everything from hitting the floor! Nora was extremely consistent and controlled from the right side, making our offense very balanced and making it hard for other teams to get a double block up on any of our hitters!

Playing up in 14’s tournaments has really pushed this team to make some serious progress over the last few weeks, which really showed this weekend. The coaching staff is so proud of the effort, energy, and communication that they had this weekend!!!

14 RED

This weekend we were at the Badger Region Championship. Saturday our pool got going with 2 matches that should have been an easy start for us. Unfortunately, we struggled to get in a rhythm, had way too many unforced errors and played down to our competition. Despite the issues we held on and won both matches in 3 sets. Our last match of the day put us up against a team that pretty much destroyed the teams we just struggled with. Fortunately, we decided to play up to our competition. We didn't play good enough to win, but played our best volleyball of the weekend. This did make us feel a little better about our day and hopeful for a better Sunday in the Silver Bracket.

Hopeful just wasn't enough, the first 2 sets Sunday felt like a repeat of early Saturday. We struggled with our serve and gave away way too many points to teams we should beat. We were not able to overcome our mistakes and lost both matches. Throughout our struggles this weekend we had plenty of ups and downs in our play, but our play wasn't all bad, we just couldn't sustain a higher level of play consistently.

Despite our struggles there were a few things we did that would make any coach proud. We never gave up, fighting for every point. We continued to encourage and support each other. We stayed positive and continued to work as a team. This allowed us to win our final match despite all the ups and downs. After splitting the first 2 sets we came out determined and won set 3 by a score of 15-6 finishing the weekend with a record of 3-3. After a long stretch of tournaments I think we are all looking forward to a few weekends off over spring break!


It was a nice weekend to have off, but we did have some team bonding fun Sunday bowling. Addi with the big win of $2 for throwing a strike at a colored head pin.

16 RED

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17 White played in Menasha a The Barn this weekend. We had a hard time waking up and struggled passing the ball for the 1st match. We picked up the play as the day went on as we changed our lineup. The team regrouped their minds and were able to pick up 2 wins in the next 2 matches. I'm proud that they were able to regroup and win. Badger Region Championships, here we come!


Coming Soon!

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