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Tournament Finishes - Feb 16-17th

President's Day weekend is here and we had 9 teams play in this one! It was cool to see all the red jerseys playing around the gym and even got a special I AM vs I AM Championship! Lots of team love this weekend with numerous shout outs!

12 RED

Refusing to let the fact that we were missing 4 teammates stop us, the 12's team fought hard all weekend. Many of the girls had to play positions they were not used to and demonstrated improvement each match. We missed the finals of the silver bracket by only a few points. 

#ShoutOut to a few girls:  

 - Amelia Werner who steped into play middle and did a fantastic job on a positions she never tried before.  

 - Sophie Kranich whose relentless defense earned more than a few points.  

 - Olivia Daute who played up from the 11's team to give us an extra player.   Her strong serving provided the spark that lit a fire under the whole team in our first match on Sunday.

Outstanding job by all of the girls for playing hard and continuing to smile through a challenging weekend. 

13 RED

13 Red Tournament Champs
Adidas President's Day Spectacular Champions

TOURNAMENT CHAMPS! This is the first of the season for 13 Red and there were a ton of close matches this weekend but they fought through it showing composure and a winning attitude throughout it all! We tried our first 5-1 rotation and the kids picked it up fast. We also threw in some unique subbing techniques to get the advantage this weekend and the kids were all in! Coach Cass says, "It really was a team effort this weekend with each kid coming up with big plays at clutch moments"

#ShoutOut to every kid on this team!

- Sarah for running the 5-1 and controlling the game

- Josie and Lily for guarding the net and providing blocks all day

- Clara and Annie for for constant swings on the outside and getting kills in key moments

- Ella and Hailey for fantastic serving runs in the playoffs and championship

- Elena and Lauren for being our rocks in the back row

- And Mimi for helping us prep the 5-1 in practice to get us ready for the weekend!


Some of the most exciting games of the tournament go to the 14 White team! Our best game of the tournament was in the semi-finals of day 2. We beat the team by a good amount of points in the first game and then lost in the second. We ended up coming back in the third game from a 6 point gap. It was 8-14. #ShoutOut to Vanessa who went back to serve and delivered us tough serves and finished the game game to win 16-14! This advanced us to the Silver Championships where they played I AM 14 Black! Nothing cooler to see than two I AM teams duking it out in the championship!


This weekend we were able to bounce back from a difficult start Saturday and play well the rest of the way. I was very proud of the team and how they played in pressure situations when momentum was not on our side. Many girls came through and executed in those tough spots & the whole team should gain a lot of confidence in their ability to execute and turn momentum back to our side.

Following the lessons we learned Saturday that we can execute when the going is tough - we were able to sweep the day on Sunday and win the silver championship!

#ShoutOut to the team this tournament!

- Angela Busalacchi who led the team in kills, along with Clarissa Jones and Emma Rader.

- The defense was stellar led by Gabi Wildebrandt and EJ Novinski in the back

- The blocking of Molly Trepanier and Bella Hartun up front.

- We ended the day with 18 aces – with Macey Steier and Maddie Klumpyan ripping some great serves.

- And finally, the team was "set up" for success (get it?) by the skills of our setters - Peyton Cirvello and Grace Luedtke.

Congrats to the team on their win and the character they showed all weekend!

14 RED

14 Red had a challenging and fun weekend at Presidents' Day in the Dells. #PlayingUp an age division up the girls knew they would have to play with focus and grit to be successful. They were able to persevere and finish 4-2 on the weekend and win the Silver bracket Championship! In this tournament they played their best match of the season and finished 9th overall after coming in ranked 20th out of 30.

#Shoutout to Meredith Bock for being the consistent presence in serve receive, defense, and most importantly being a vocal leader all weekend!


The 15 Black team switched between hot and cold over the weekend but still ended up tied for 1st in their pool but moved to the silver bracket after the split. Day two they went 1-1 and finished 15th out of 28 teams.

#ShoutOut to the birthday girl, Emma Stewart for bringing the hustle all weekend!

15 RED

We played some of our best volleyball of the season,#PlayingUp an age group in the Premier Division. We went 4-1 and finished 5th out of 19 teams.

I am proud of this team and the direction they are heading. We still have some things to work on as the season moves on. - Coach Jungbauer

One thing we have been working on the last few weeks is the mindset of everytime you step on the court whether it is at practice or a championship match it is an opportunity to showcase your skills. You never know who is watching. It could be your high school coach, or a college scout. Next up for us is the Badger Region Qualifier next weekend!

16 RED

The 16's played amazing the first day winning all of their matches and made it to the Gold Semifinals. They ending in 4th place out of 23 teams!

Big #ShoutOut to Hannah! She played the best we have seen her play all season and she was active on off blocker defense and continue to change up her shots making her hard to dig!

17 RED

Coming Soon!

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