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Club Fees.... What do they cover?

Club volleyball can be expensive and each club has a different cost to play. While some clubs can cost only $500 per season, others may require up to $3,000. Many parents may be wondering," What do the club fees actually go to anyway?" We're opening our books to show you what your team fee goes towards at our club by percentage!

  • 25% goes to our coaching staff

  • 11% covers gym time

  • 8% covers coachs' overnight hotels

  • 3% funds new equipment

  • 15% provides awesome uniforms

  • 1% provides practice shirts

  • 2% gets everyone a team poster

  • 16% covers the tournament schedule

  • 8% covers admin expenses

  • 1% funds our academy nights

  • 2% supplies our coaches with awesome I AM swag

  • 1% registers our coaches with Badger Region and JVA

  • 7% covers any additional, unforeseen, pop-up expenses

We try our best to give I AM kids and families an awesome experience!

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Check out our 2019/20 club team fees to see if we're the right fit for you!

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