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6 Times You CAN'T Miss Your Serve

Wouldn't it be great of our teams never missed a serve?!? But let's face it, we will have games where we serve perfect and games where it seems we missed half our serves. Serving is one of the biggest ways to shift momentum, for better or worse. One server can tip the scales with a few clutch aces. On the other hand there are a few times you shouldn't miss a serve.

1. First Serve of The Game

The coin flip is done and you chose serve! Now don't go back there and miss. Sets the tone for the rest of the game!

2. Game Point

Time to close the game out. Missing a serve at this point gives the other team a chance to put the pressure back on you!

3. After a Timeout

Coaches call timeouts for a variety of reasons. To slow the game down, make adjustments to offense or defense, or to just "ice" the server. Don't give them that satisfaction by coming out of a timeout and missing that serve.

4. If The Server Before You Misses

Serving can be contagious. If your teammate missed the serve before you, you need to make sure you get your first one in! Nothing worse then a string of missed serves to give your opponents the edge.

5. If The Other Team Misses

The other team just gave you a free point. Don't give them a second chance by missing the next serve.

6. After a Big Run

If the other team just had a big run of 5 or more points and you just sided out. The last thing you want to do is go back and miss a serve! This will knock the wind out of your team. If this happens at the end of a game, good luck in your next match! #gameover

Written by: Austin Cass

Do you have any other times where you just can't miss? Please share with us on Facebook!

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