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5 Tips for Club Tryouts

Tryouts can be a stressful time for everyone! Here are some helpful tips to put your best foot forward.

Cheer for Others

Even though you are competing against the players, being a good teammate is high on a coach's checklist! Celebrate other's victories and they will return the favor.

Don't Focus on the Errors

Everybody makes mistakes, Everybody has those days! (I had to!) Try not to be a Debbie Downer. Negative attitudes will stand out! Shake it off and focus on the next play!

Don't Wear Competing Club Shirts

If you want to be taken series about getting an offer to play for that club DO NOT wear another club's shirt. Wear college, high school, or USA gear. better yet, get a tryout t-shirt from that club and wear that!

Be Active

If you are not being evaluated, look like you want to be there. With bigger tryouts there will be bigger lines. Don't space out in line and if you are on the sidelines, don't just stand there! Grab loose balls or cheer on other potential teammates!

Be A Volleyball Player

If you are really looking to get on a team. Don't limit yourself by saying you will only play Libero or just a Setter. If you see there is lack of players for a position, raise your hand and get in there!

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