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Tournament Results Jan 5-6th

The first weekend of tournaments is complete and we are having a great start to the season! We will be posting our weekend finishes in our new blog section "Tournament Finishes" Sounds fitting :)

14 Red 2nd Place @ Center Court
14 Red 2nd Place @ Center Court

14 RED

Our 14 RED started the weekend off with a 2nd place finish on Saturday at the MWP - Let The Games Begin I! Coach Burg is proud on how his team competed!

"I'm going to have a team that can really compete with the best in a few weeks" - Coach Burg

Starting the season off strong, they will be a force in many tournaments. Their next competition will be next week at the Winter Classic joining a majority of our club teams too!

16 RED

Our 16 Red took 2nd at the Juniors Kick Off!

"Big #shoutout to our libero, Katie, she rocked it! Our whole team played great especially for the first time playing together as a team!" - Coach Cook

The coaches are extremely excited to see this team compete throughout the season and are happy with the results for their first outing as a team.

16 Red 2nd place finish @ the RecPlex
16 Red 2nd place finish @ the RecPlex


The 14 White had their first tournament at Center Court and competed in all of their games and lost some close matches. Coach Tocco and Coach Hunt liked seeing their game intensity grow throughout the day!

"We had some great serving runs!" - Coach Hunt

One play was even scored off our own players head! #HeadsUpPlay

15 RED

15 Red played up an age group and tied for 3rd at MWP - Let the Games Begin I.

"We competed hard against solid competition." - Coach Jungbauer

Overall they finish 3-2 for the day and are hungry to play in the next tournament!

11 RED

The 11 Red played up in a 12's tournament and made it all the way to the championship! #PlayingUp They ended up taking 2nd and were all smiles! They competed all the way through the championship taking it to a game 3! Going into an event with many girls playing a meaningful match for the first time leads coaches to be curious, and a bit anxious, about how the day will turn out. Coach Heitzkey had this to say about Sunday's tournament, "To

11 Red 2nd Place
11 Red 2nd Place

say that we were impressed and proud of the girls would be an understatement.   We earned a 2nd place finish in what was essentially a 12's tournament.  We finished 2nd in our pool to a very strong team, and this same team defeated us in 3 games in the championship. 

Our girls received dozens of compliments from random parents, tournament directors, and officials on not only their play, but also their attitudes, energy, and the obvious improvement from match-to-match. 

It was also wonderful to see that we have a very supportive and understanding group of parents who see the whole team as being central to what we are doing.  That type of reinforcement and encouragement should prove valuable as we navigate a season where playing as a team is so important to the overall development of individual skills.  To be able to instill the idea that players need to have the mindset of " how can I improve so I can play in the context of the team?" is so crucial." Both coaches are very excited to see what is in store for these girls and they look forward to continuing to work with them.

12 RED

The 12's made it to the Gold Bracket at Center Court and tied for 3rd place. Finishing the day at 3-1. Coach Daute was impressed with their new libero, Morgan Winkler! #shoutout

"She stepped into a new role and did outstanding!"

17 RED

The 17's were at the Sting Center playing in an 18's tournament. #PlayingUp They worked through some kinks during pool play and found their rhythm in the playoffs winning the Bronze Bracket. Coach Wienkes was pleased to see their confidence stay steady throughout the day.

"They demonstrated confidence in their play and their attitude after pool play." - Coach Wienkes

Ending the day with a WIN they now have the record 3-3 and will be competing next week at the Winter Classic.


14 Black played in Racine at the Lake View RecPlex on Sunday and they fought hard in pool play but ended up in the consolation bracket. They went on to win their first playoff game and losing in the consolation championships.

"We identified areas we need to work on but we definitely had the most fun of any team!" - Coach Fabian

Overall it was a fun and exciting weekend! Who will be the first team to get that gold medal?? All of our teams play next weekend!

- Go I AM

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