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Tournament Recaps 2/29-3/1

14 Black

The 14s Black team played at the Oshkosh Lourdes Academy Tournament on Saturday.  We started out the day playing Club Fox Valley 14-1 and Fox Valley Performance 14- Green.  Both of these matches were very close but unfortunately, we ended up losing them.  The girls did not let this bring them down though. They ended up winning the rest of their matches for the day which lead to them taking 1st in the silver bracket. I was very proud of them for not giving up and continuing to grow and learn with each game.  There were many successes this weekend. 

#ShoutOut to one player that stood out, Ella. Serving over 10 points in one game, most were aces!

Overall, the weekend had its ups and downs but I am very proud of the girls for ending on such a positive note!

15 Red

The 15 Red team competed this weekend and attempted to continue to improve their performance on the court while competing in the regional qualifier this weekend.

After defeating the De Pere Diggers 25-19, 25-16, by playing very consistent up tempo volleyball, I AM went on to face Rock VBC.  The 15 Red team continued it's high level of play beating a very good Rock VBC team by the scores of 25-21, 25-18.  This set- up a highly anticipated match between Milwaukee Sting Gold and I AM Volleyball club.  The tone of the match was set on the first play when Ella crushed a ball cross court in front of the Sting Gold defense.  From this first point on, you could tell the team was ready to rise to the competition. I AM easily played it's best volleyball of the season with incredible defense lead by Meredith digging everything they had and an offense that match them shot for shot. I AM lost the heated contest 25-21 and ran out of steam in game 2, 25-9.  However taken 2nd place they earned an opportunity to play more volleyball on Sunday.

On Sunday I AM matched up against both Milwaukee Sting Black and then Milwaukee Sting White teams to start the day. The team was never able to find a rhythm in the first two matches and lost them both. That set-up a match with River City for 5th place overall.

Even though the team was mentally and physically drained, they played together as a team and were able to pull together an impressive victory over River City 25-16, 20-25, 15-12. The team placed 5th place out of 12 teams, which is a very impressive finish!!!

Overall, I was super impressed with the team this weekend. We have been playing consistently competitive volleyball for the past 4 weeks and every weekend we have been able to play better volleyball then the last. Even though we were not playing our best volleyball on Sunday, we were able to beat a very good River City team in our final match!

The players should be super happy with what they have accomplished so far this year and Coach Cassie and I are looking forward to seeing the girls on the court again this weekend!

15 Black

15 Black continued making great progress this season – winning 4 sets with 1 loss at this weekend’s tournament and 9-3 game record. The team really showed it’s mental toughness – winning 3 games by 2 points, including come from behind 27-25 and 25-23 victories. We continued to push ourselves by working on adding skills to what we have already learned – and we’re really looking good!

We were led by our right side – with Ava and Becca each having 20 kills each! #ShoutOut

Everyone contributed something great this weekend, and has something to be really proud of. We are just past the mid-point of the season and we are really building on our skills and have a blast doing it. It is so fun to see! We can’t wait for the next tournament - Go 15 Black!!

16 Black

First place has never felt so good!

This weekend, 16 Black walked away from their Oshkosh tournament as a team of champions. One after another, 16 Black went up against tough opponents and took every match, only going to 3 games against one team. In the championship match against our toughest opponent, the girls were able to win in two close games, both going past 25. The day was marked by key serving performances from Kennedy, Dani, Camillie, and Julia. They allowed us to maintain our lead and moment in crucial turning point situations.

Across the board, our defensive specialists Brynn, Sharon, and Carly all stepped up to the plate as libero and provided controlledand consistent passing. #ShoutOut

The girls are itching to get onto the court at Badger Region to put all their progress to the test!

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