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Tournament Recaps - 2/15-16/20

14 RED

14 Red had another successful weekend finishing 3rd in a 16-team tournament in Fond du Lac! Because of their past success they came into the tournament as a #1 seed. The girls lived up to that by sweeping their way through pool play. The team was able to use a lot of different lineups to prepare for future tournaments and showed growth at their positions. In the semifinals they lost to another #1 seed in two sets by a total of 5 cumulative points, with one of the games going to extra points. They continue to meet new challenges head on and are ready for more opportunities to work outside their comfort zone!

#ShoutOut to Josie Seifert and Emma Crain for establishing a middle presence on defense and offense throughout the weekend!

15 RED

The 15-red team continued it's season of growth this weekend competing in the 17/18 division of the Emperors challenge in Waukesha on Saturday.

Coming out very strong, the team played solid volleyball to defeat the Block Party 17's 25-20, 25-4.  This was a great start to what would be a great day of growth for this team.  In the next match I AM faced a very talented Club W team.  I AM start out very strong winning game 1, 25-16.  After loosing a very close game 2, 23-25 the team regroup and won game 3, 15-11.  The team then earned the right to compete for first place in their pool against a very talented Platteville team.  Playing what was their best volleyball of the year, the team lost a very heated contest 25-22, 28-26.  After taking second in their pool, the 15-red team earned the right to play in the gold bracket and faced the Platteville team that they just lost to minutes earlier.  In another incredibly competitive match, the girls continued to impress the coaches and the crowd by splitting the first two games with scores of 27-25, and 23-25.  The I AM team then stepped up to the challenge in the 3rd game by winning 15-5 to advance to the semi finals.

In the next round I AM matched up against Western Elite 17-1's and again gave them everything they can handle.  The 27-25 battle in game one was lost, and they continued to battle in game 2 and came up a little short 25-21.  In the end, the I AM 15-red team took 3rd place in the 12 team tournament and competed every step of the way.

Quick shout out to our defense with Natalie and Meredith who step up and were very comfortable with the faster pace of the game with consistent passing and digs of hits that would have been kills against most teams.  Grace and Maddie also had some very memorable defensive plays.  Our setters Emily and Sydney who continue to grow as leaders on the court.  Everyone on the team showed that they are ready to play at a varsity level and compete with anything we through at them.  Very impressed with the consistence of play throughout the day.

Way to make us proud ladies!


The 15 Black had one of their best outings yet this weekend. We played very well in pool play, and battled back from deficits to push third set matches and extra innings. Some really strong serving across the board and mental resolve carried us through the first round of playoffs, then lost a close match to a great team in the second round. Overall, everyone played exceptionally well and made some huge strides forward.

#ShoutOut to Charlotte this weekend; she overcame some tough mental adversity and came out in our next match to make key plays and made a huge difference in the win. Aside from her great mental game, it was her birthday on Saturday!

Overall, awesome weekend from the 15 Black and we're excited to get back into practice this week.


15 White had a fantastic performance over the weekend at the Fond du Lac tournament. The team started strong winning their first two games with significant superiority over their opponents. Serves were placed in all corners of the court, without a chance for the opponents. Hitters were flying over, under, and around the blockers. Sets were there, defense and passing were key points for the team’s success. With a guaranteed spot in the gold bracket, the girls started their third game of the pool play a little flat. Concentration and quality of the fundaments were not there. Even though, the girls were able to get together and come back from a 6 point deficit, and winning the first set. Second set came and the story repeated…slow start, many mistakes and the opponent taking the lead…luckily, we rised to the occasion at the right time and pulled the victory, a very closed one (25 vs 23).

The confidence and energy of the morning section was not the same in the afternoon…the girls took awhile to get into the game. The opponent team took a 6 points lead right at the beginning of the set. After a timeout, the girls fought they way back into the game, tying 18-18, but unfortunately, we could not close the set. The second set was a real roller-coaster, with the team alternating very good moments, but followed by not so good ones. At the end, we were not able to keep up with our opponents.

Even though we could not make to the finals, the team had its best performance of the season yet, with a 3-1 record and a 3rd place position. The girls continue to evolve every tournament.


16W played at the "Volleydome" this weekend at the Presidents Day Spectacular. We played well in our Saturday pool play and ended up 2nd after losing to Rock in 3. We made it into the Premier Gold bracket.

#ShoutOut to Lauren Cybell with some nice middle hitting.

Day 2 we lost out 1st match to a strong Sting Madison team that ended up winning the tournament. We won our next match in 3 against River City via an ace serve from Makala Marquardt in zone 4!

It was a exciting win to end the Tournament!

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