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Tournament Recaps 1/30-31/21

We have some 1st place finishes this weekend! Teams are starting to find their rhythm and ready to dominate the competition! Next weekend we have some internal scrimmages coming to keep our teams competing.

11 RED

So the I AM 11 red team had the opportunity to get back on the court this weekend. Thank you goes out to all of the parents for getting everyone to the tournament safely.

After an extended period without playing the 11's start off a little slow against the penguin 12's in their first match of the day that would result in their only loss. In match 2 the 11 red team came out confident and won 25-15, 25-18 against Mission VBC. They continued their dominance against Mc Henry Jr's winning 25-22, 25-22 for the sweep. I was super impressed they were able to maintain a high energy level after playing 3 matches in a row!

We were super happy with our performance Sunday with consistently having 3 contact attacks and minimal balls passing over the net with only 1 contact "unless it was one of our awesome blocks!!!"

#Shoutout to the whole team for constantly calling the ball and becoming aggressive "Ball Hogs" on the court.

Also major serving improvements were noticed from both Sunny and Sophia this weekend. Keep it up ladies!

We cannot wait to get back on the court with practice on Wednesday! Great job girls!!


The 12 Black team worked together to try a 6:2 offense for the first time outside of practice. It was a big day changing from our original 4:2 offense! They really grew in knowledge from our first match to the second match. They stepped up to the challenge and ran with it all day. Still working out the transitions, but it's coming. We played against a boys team for the first time too. Despite the snow trying to stop us in the morning, we all got there safe and had a great day of volleyball.

#Shoutout to our super server, Caroline Bell with 9 serves in a row! Great job lady!

And congrats to our nominated Top Banana, Summer Wille for being a hustler out on the court and also was a star server!!


Despite questions surrounding travel, timing, and even participating, the girls and their families made the challenging trip to Kenosha for our tournament on Sunday morning. It's a good thing that they all made it because each and every one of them played a significant

part in our First Tournament Championship! We dominated the serving line and stayed in-system an estimated 80% of opportunities. Our hitters have continued to show growth in their net play when it comes to hitting away or tipping strategically. Leilah P. emphasized this point with an incredibly aggressive attack from the right side that nearly knocked over a helpless defender on the opposing side. It was an emphatic way to seal our win. We outscored our opponents 2.5-1 and this allowed us to dabble a little bit with serving opportunities and some minor positional and offensive changes in preparation for future events. Overall, once we get our transitions to become 'muscle memory' movements, we will further improve upon our in-sytem success and this should lead to more assists and kills. Sunday made it clear that even though we played very well, the girls have so much to offer each other so that the team can find continued success.


The snow didn’t stop 13 black from making their way down to the Rec Plex this past weekend. They came out strong and took the first game from Fierce Elite. After some hard fought points they lost the second game and split the match. They ended up splitting all 4 matches the rest of the day and took 4th overall.

#Shoutout to Rae Ann and Phobe for their defense this weekend!

14 RED

We played at the Junior Freeze Fest this snowy weekend. The day started with a very easy match winning 25-7 and 25-10. We could have used a little more competition to start as we played a much better team in match 2 and could never quite get our play clean enough to mount an effective offense. We stayed with them in set 1 scoring 21 but struggled even more in set 2. Match 3 was against a scrappy team I felt we should beat. We let them go up a few in set 1 and just couldn't shake off the dust enough to win. We came back in set 2 prepared to play hard, aggressive volleyball and just have some fun. It worked, putting the other team on their heels and we took them down 25-15. In set 3 the sloppy play crept back in and we let the other team go up 1-6. We stayed positive, played hard, got our mojo back and came away with a 15-12 win finishing the day 2-1.

#Shoutout to Gillian and Chole for serving runs of 4 and 8 in set 3 to bring us back in the game.

We learned Sunday that playing hard, having fun and focusing on one point at a time can bring us back no matter how much we are down or how hard we are struggling. This team has heart, they want to play and it shows. That leads me to a HUGE

#Shoutout to Bridget, who jammed a finger, told me "it hurts, but just tape it up, I want to play". She played in match 3 with what she found out later was a broken finger. Heal up quickly girl, we need you back!


We were in Green Bay for the Bay Bash tournament. The stage was set early with a dominating win in the first match. Match two we had a little hiccup dropping the first game but came back nicely to take the match in 3. Next we moved on to the gold pool were we kept 1W Bay 16s out of system and controlled the match to win comfortably. The fourth match of the day was a true championship match with FVP 16s National as we were both 1-0 in the gold pool. We started strong but gave up the lead late and lost a close set 1. In set 2 we again started strong but this time held on to win a close one. In set 3 we really showed our muscle with tough serves and aggressive attacks. We came out on top 15-8 to win the championship!

#Shoutout to Lilly Bandle and Jennacy Wille for putting balls away when we needed them in the championship match.


I am 17 White played at the Sting Hive Hysteria this past weekend. The team used what we practiced and then some. They brought a great, positive, and loud energy with them. The team went undefeated in pool play going 3-0 and went on to the gold finals and won in 2.

"These ladies came in with some steam and never looked back"

Going 4-0 on the day and never even dropped a set. In the final match we ran out of substitutions and had a key block by Kristen Taylor to make it game point. Winning can be attributed to less serving errors as well as some solid passing from our defensive specialists.

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