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Tournament Finishes - March 23-24th

2nd week of the Badger Region Championships and our 10's, 11's, 12's, 13's and 15 RED. The 17's head to Whitewater to play in an 18's Tournament!

10 RED

The 10s team played this weekend in the Badger Region tournament at the Wisconsin Center. The girls played in the 11s division and did very well! Some people commented that they played the best they had all season. We came in at 19th and ended at 15th - which is a great accomplishment for these girls! Saturday they played tough competition and held their own, putting together a lot of three-touch combinations and great serving runs! #18inarow. Sunday we went undefeated in Bronze, winning our first two matches and then lost a tough one at the end. 

I am super proud of these girls and the progress that they've made! They are true competitors and don't get intimidated when they play up, which is just about every tournament. One more tournament to go and I predict great things for this team.  #playingup  #nofear

11 RED

Once again, we had a very successful weekend and this time it was in the largest event.  We went 5-1 overall, won 11 sets (2nd most in the field) and won the Silver division. We finished 2nd in our pool on day 1 and the girls were initially disappointed. But, they bounced back on Sunday afternoon and played some very inspired team volleyball!

We made our way to the silver final where we ran into a team that played very well against us. While we were getting out energy up to par, our opponents jumped all over us in the first set winning that one rather easily. In the second set, the same play ensued as we found ourselves down 14-19. After a timeout, our players flipped the switch and won 25-22. At the outset of the 3rd set, we started so much better and won rather convincingly 15-8. All around it was a good experience for the girls and one I think they'll want to engage in during future seasons. The coaches are very proud of the girls.

12 RED

The 12's team finished with a .500 record for the weekend capped with 2 wins on Sunday.  The girls worked together very well all weekend. This was some of the best volleyball we played all season. After a practice that included focus on pursuing the ball, we recorded over 12 individual dives to the floor to reach balls. LOVE THE EFFORT.   

#ShoutOut to the right sides, Bella W and Makenna B. Both girls made several outstanding plays to keep the ball in play, including a beautiful set from Bella and 2 big kills from Makenna.  

13 RED

Congrats to the 13 RED team coming home with the GOLD! They win the club division at Badger Region and pushed through some very exciting matches! The first match was against the Muskego Stars that just came off a win. We had high energy in game one winning by a comfortable amount but the other team showed grit and beat us in game two by more than we beat them! Game three the girls came out on fire and jumped on them winning 15-5.

Now off to the championship against Capital! With delays and helping with reffing duties we played our final match at 7pm and Capital gave it to us in the first game and we lost 7-25. Not a great way to start a championship... But it wouldn't be a championship unless it went three! The girls had a another rocky start but with an amazing services run from Lauren Lanning which caused the team to call 2 timeouts in one service run! So, big #ShoutOut to Lauren for being the spark that ignited our fire to win game two 25-19. Game three was even more exciting as we get a great start and had big plays form all players and we end up with the lead at 14-11 but Capital stages a comeback bringing the score 14-14 before a MONSTER kill from Annie Larsen that got us the side out! Lauren Lanning goes back to serve and just like game two, she brings us a short serve ACE to win the match 16-14!

I couldn't be more proud of what the girls did to bounce back from the games we lost to bring home the Gold! - Coach Cass

15 RED

15 Red played competed in the Badger Region Championships 15-Open Division this weekend. We finished 10th overall and 2nd in the Silver Bracket. Overall we had a very tough schedule having to play a top 25 team in the nation during pool play. Our team showed spurts of the team they can be when playing against the best competition in the state.  When they put their mind to it this team can beat anyone they play against. 

#ShoutOut to Ella Bindl who has been working hard on her setting hands and jump setting.  She had some really nice jump set saves on tight passes.  Her hard work is being noticed as her consistency is starting to translate into match play.  Keep it up Ella!

Next up for 15 Red is April 13th at UW-Whitewater where we will once again be playing up 2 age divisions in a 17's tournament.

17 RED

The Girls got second place in an 18’s tournament at whitewater! We had three missing players but the team kept confident with their playing amidst the lineup changes. We had a lot of scrappy plays that led to so awesome points throughout the day! They proved to themselves that hard work and mental toughness will pay off! We had some nail biting 3 set games that had EVERYONE on their feet in anticipation. We managed to come out with victories in all of the 3 set matches. This weekend was very exciting and we can't wait to play like this again in Louisville!

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