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Tournament Finishes - Feb 2-3rd

Big tournament downtown Milwaukee! The MKE Jamboree bring in over 200 teams from the Midwest and Great Lakes area to compete in a two day tournament. We had 6 of our teams participate in the Jamboree and 3 teams compete in other tournaments.

10 RED

We had a rough start but were able to shake off the rust in the final match to win Bronze.

12 RED

The girls fought hard this weekend at the Jamboree and had some very exciting matches against Sting, MWP, and Burlington in day 1. The experience they got at this tournament will carry through through the rest of the season and prep them for the big Badger Region Championships.

Big #Shoutout to Anna Holzer and Sofia Verplancke! Both girls play middle blocker and provided strong serving throughout the tournament

13 RED

What an exciting ride! Day one they took second in their pool and earned their ride to the gold bracket for day two. Power outages and ghost stories made for an exciting second day! The 13's won their first two matches in 3 games! Working hard and players stepping up to make big plays at the end to get them to the championship! They took 2nd out of 16 teams and the coaches are very proud of how they played in the championship. They also helped Coach Cass celebrate his birthday with candy and Team Man-buns!

#Shoutout to Sarah Prom for putting together one of our longest serving streaks together!

14 RED

14 Red was able to make it to the Gold Bracket is a very competitive JVA Jamboree Tournament! In pool play there was a three-way tie for first at 2-1 and they were able to win a 15-point tie-breaking game 15-13 to reach gold. Playing against a great team in Vital 14-1 in the first round of gold they went down swinging losing in three with the third set being 15-17. Even though they lost this was their best match of the season and best volleyball they have played's the step the girls have been working for! To finish Saturday the team was able to win a fun, friendly match against our 14 Black team.

#Shoutout to Kathryn Peterson and Jennacy Wille for coming up big in the middle all weekend. President's Day here we come!!!


This weekend was the best we have played as a team all season. Coach Stacy and I are super proud of everyone and how they played! They made the gold bracket out of 26 teams!

#Shoutout to Angela for playing hard even though she was sick all weekend!


The 14 White had an overnight down in Pleasant Prairie to enjoy some team bonding and great volleyball!

We got 2nd in our pool and made it into the gold bracket. They finished tied for 3rd overall!

#Shoutout to Eleanor Henzel with some amazing digs in the backrow and Ali Moore coming up with some great kills!

15 RED

15 red finished 1-4 on the weekend and battled injury and illness all weekend.  The girls played well for playing positions they normally do not play.  We will learn from the experience and are excited to get back to practicing this week.  Next up for us is President's Day in the Dells 15/16 Premier Division.


This weekend was fun as well as challenging for the 15 black team at the JVA Jamboree. We saw a lot a great talent in our opposition which pushed our team to play very hard.

#Shoutout to Dannie Thompson with consistent right side swinging.

We seem to be progressing mentally and are having fun. They finished 3rd in the silver bracket.

16 RED

The 16's were at the Jamboree this weekend and went 3-2 and tied for 5th place!

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