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Tournament Recaps 1/4-5/20

12 RED

Our first event turned out to be a very good test and an opportunity to try out some challenging rotations. The girls did a great job implementing the 6-2 system and our setters did a nice job moving the ball around to different hitters. We had one particular rally where our back row players passed 3 consecutive perfect contacts to our setter, who then delivered a set to 3 different hitters. We ultimately won that rally and it was just a sample of what this team is capable of. In terms of match outcomes, we won our pool after defeating a very talented Juniors team in 3 sets. This paved our way to the championship match where we fell just short. Finishing 2nd in our first event, showing an understanding of our serve receive positions, using proper transitions, and witnessing some outstanding play by the team and individuals, provided for us an outstanding weekend. Most importantly, the girls really enjoyed being around each other and supported each other very well. Great group of kids!

14 RED

14 Red had a promising start to the season. They were able to take 3rd place in their first tournament. The team continues to work hard on building chemistry and communication on the court. Passers were very scrappy, setters ran a balanced offense, and front row players were aggressive with their swings. They are excited to fine tune things over the next few weeks in preparation for the Winter Classic!


It was a great sight to see the girls bond on and off the court. They caught on to the new rotation quickly, proving to be flexible and coachable.

#ShoutOut to Camryn for coming in hot with some killer aces and Marin started the season on a great note with a stunning kill.

A lot of scrappy, hustle plays brought so much excitement to the court and we grew closer as a team by the end of the day


15 Black kicked off the season with a close 3 set loss in the consolation championship this weekend at Center Court. With more than half the team being new, we did a great job getting used to each other & we played our best volleyball as the day went on. Everyone contributed and it was awesome to see the team wide support and passion. It was a great way to kick off the season & we can’t wait to build on it.

#ShoutOut out to Maddie Klumpyan as she led the team in aces and kills for the day – as well as both our setters (Ava and Becca) for their leadership!!

Great job everybody!


It was a day of ups and downs. We started out slow and as a team struggled passing and lost our first match of the day. The team stayed strong and shrugged off the the loss to comeback and win the next match giving us ticket to the gold bracket. It all started to come together when the passing and serving become consistent and we played great! We pushed through the gold semi-finals and without dropping another game.

#ShoutOut to Izzy Lutz for an amazing string of serves that helped us with our victories.

What a great bunch of young ladies and a proud coach. This is why we play!


16 Black has officially started it's season and we've learned a lot from our first tournament!

We faced some tough opponents, but the biggest challenge we overcame was keeping our heads up and ending the day stronger than we started.

There were great displays of athleticism from our back row and defensive specialists who provided a strong base for our offense to work with. The girls are really starting to dial in a connection with eachother. The chemistry on the court is already starting to develop with new players stepping into leadership and communication roles.

16 Black now has a clear understanding of the areas we need to work on to continue making this the amazing season we deserve!

#ShoutOut you to the families for their support during our first real tournament as a team.

16 RED

We played in the Prep Dig Resolution tournament in Appleton in the brand new Champion Center Facility. This was a two day event with 9 teams. Our team played extremely well in their debut tournament. We dropped our first match to a talented FC Elite team but won the rest of our pool play games and then won our crossover match to go to the Gold bracket for day two. On the second day we played a play in game against Wisconsin Blaze and won in 3 moving on to play FC Elite again and in a good match we fell short. We got to play for 3rd place against IMPACT Volleyball club and we won in two a great match. Overall we did somethings very well and we all saw room for improvement. Im excited to see this journey play out this season and see where we go from such. great start!

#ShoutOut to Emerson Alton for a game point ace in game 3 that looked like it was going out and fell right off the table and landed on the line! That gave us the win 15-12.

17 RED

We competed up in the 18's Division in Waukesha on Sunday and went 3-2 taking 1st in the Silver Bracket. It was a great 1st tournament for the girls as they continue to get to know each other on and off the court. Both of our losses were in 3 sets and could have gone either way.  I am happy with how we competed in our first tournament of the year, but as always we

found some areas to improve upon for our next competition. We will continue to work on Serve Receive, and placement on out of system balls. I was very happy with how well and aggressively we served, and how aggressive our attackers were. 

#ShoutOut to Mandy Miller for her consistency in setting up our offense and to Paige Rusniak for her ability to consistently use the other teams blockers to her advantage.

Next up for 17 RED is our overnight trip to Rosemont, IL to compete in the 18's division of the 3 day Energy Under the Dome Tournament January 18-20th.

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