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Tournament Recaps 1/31-2/2

It was such a great bonding experience for all the players and parents this weekend as most of teams headed over to Minneapolis, MN for the January Thaw hosted by Mizuno Northern Lights. It was great watching all the teams play and meeting the parents as our club took over the hotel lobby every night!


We had an awesome day at the Fondy DIG 12s tournament this weekend. We ended up taking 2nd place to a competitive MWP team. There has been a lot of improvement from the beginning of the season and the girls put newly learned  skills to use. We had many thrilling

hustle plays and long rallies! Most importantly, the girls kept a great attitude throughout the day.

#ShoutOut to Gigi for stepping into a new position and excelling in it. Another #ShoutOut to Laila for bringing lots of positive energy and giving the setters bomb passes!

13 RED

SO. MUCH. PROGRESS!!!! This 13's team made some amazing improvements in Minneapolis! We found our groove with our rotations and were confident in our play!

#ShoutOut to Sophia Verplancke and Amelia Werner had an awesome weekend behind the serving line!!

They both racked up a lot of aces that helped us beat some really good teams! Overall, this team gained a lot of confidence. We fought extremely hard and won the bronze bracket! We are so proud of the progress the girls made this weekend!

14 RED

14 Red had a special weekend. Playing up an age group and out of state they were able to take 2nd place in their division! The team made huge strides with confidence, perseverance, and energy. Stepping up in big moments has been a focus for the group and everyone did just that. The girls are excited for the challenges to come. The bar has been set and now it's time to dial in and continue to move forward.

#ShoutOut to all the girls for the scrappy defense and hustle!


Coming Soon

15 RED

The 15 red team was excited to compete in the January Thaw in Minneapolis last weekend.

The team finishing the weekend at 4-4 and took 9th place overall. The competition was extremely good and pushed our team at every position. Playing against teams at this level will definitely help us complete moving forward.

The most encouraging thing from this weekend was the conversation that took place after a loss. Great teams come together and figure out how do get better and I could not have been more proud of the engagement of the girls. The team then beat a very good Northern Lights team that had beaten us the previous day, this was and awesome way to end the weekend. 

#ShouOut to the parents for their support over the weekend.  It was great to see an awesome cheering section with players from other teams and parents almost every match.


The 15 Black Team had a fantastic weekend – both on and off the court up at the January Thaw in Minneapolis. The team took some great strides in our level of play, and we came up with some very good plays in clutch situations. The team has really started to communicate well, and we continue to push ourselves. Everybody made some great plays –

#ShoutOut to Natalie serving us to victory on Saturday! Anna gave more than her all - unfortunately she’ll have to take the role of assistant coach while recovering from her broken wrist, and EJ had the best scramble bump kill of the season so far!

The team really had a great time spending time together and bonding while hanging out – we are really proud of the progress we’ve made so far, individually and definitely as a team. More to come & we can’t wait for the rest of the season!!


The girls showed up Friday in Minneapolis, ready to dominate the competition. Although we had two loses, the opposing teams were tough competitors, and we held our own, improving every single set. On Saturday, we had our first win of the season and it fired us up! It fueled us through the rest of the matches. We lost our second match of the day, but we hung with them. Then we fought hard to secure a win in the third match and landed 2nd in our pool. We came into Sunday with high hopes and unfortunately lost both matches, but we grew a lot in just three days. Serves got more aggressive, swings got stronger, and our confidence got a much needed boost. We look forward to another tournament in which we can continue to grow!

16 RED

We played some great competition this weekend in Minnesota and we played some of our most exciting ball. We continued to progress towards the gold bracket having only two losses total for Friday and Saturday. We ended our championship run in the gold quarterfinals in a 3 set match against the future tournament champs, Mizuno Northern Lights 15-1. We were the only team to take a game off them the entire tournament and the crowd was electric during that match. It was great seeing all the coaches and other players come show their support for us this weekend! We finished 7th out of 24 teams.

#ShoutOut to Kaleigh Pelikan for stepping in a new position for us and getting kills and blocks all while smiling through it all!


Coming Soon


16 White played at UW Whitewater this weekend. We went 3-0 in pool play. Our team played hard and lost in the Gold finals in 3.

#ShoutOut for some strong playing on the Rightside by Josie Prescott and Carolyn Lang who went beast mode and had 3 kills on 3 consecutive plays.

Nice work team and thank you parents for the loud cheers

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