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Tournament Recaps 1/25-26/20

11 RED

This weekend we traveled to Fond Du Lac High School for the Fondy Freeze. Another snowy drive out in the early winter morning, but far better than the morning commute to the Sting Center last week. We had a small, but powerful team of 9. We played 4 pool games and then played 2 playoff games. We took FD Fusion to 3 and won and then we played MW Penguins again and lost in 2. the first time we played them we took them to 3 sets!  Just ran out of steam, but had huge successes during the game. We had a lot of serving aces and consecutive points made by Maddy, Sierra, Summer, Paige and Alayna. Girls who haven't been able to make it over the net from behind the back line, had success from behind the line too. I would say across the board we played our best yet!!

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