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2024 Tournament Recaps - Week 11

Badger Championships Week Two and few 1-day tournaments this past weekend. I AM bringing home some new hardware as our teams continue their success over the weekends! See what team had an EPIC comeback in the championship!

10 RED

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We finished up our season in Oshkosh at the Spiketown tournament on 3/17. We demolished our first opponents beating them 3-0.

#Shoutout to Aalysah for her fire serves! 

We then had a heated game and lost by only a few points in the third set. We headed into the gold bracket for afternoon play. 

We won our first bracket play in 2 sets! We had many great three-touch plays and continued to rack up the aces.

#Shoutout to Olivia for receiving the joust pin!

Great work girls! We then had to face a 12s team for the semi finals. The girls were nervous, but so excited to get going! We ended up losing 2-0; however, they played great! The team worked together, had positive energy the whole time, and made fantastic hustle plays. 

I am so proud of how this team has grown throughout the season! We played many of the same teams twice and many of those coaches came up to compliment the team how much they have improved. I loved seeing them have fun together during games and team bonding. I can't wait to see how they grow into such wonderful volleyball players in seasons to come! 


Coming Soon!


The 12White team came ready to play at UWO this past weekend for the Spiketown tournament. We started the day with a 3-team pool which meant we had to play 3 sets to 25 against each team, but the girls were up for the challenge. Our first match against Spiketown, we needed some time to wake up and dropped the first set 17-25, but were able to win the other two 25-19 and 25-23. The 2nd match of the day we played Heat and we started to see our serving practice pay off. Aubrey, Clara and Addie all earned serving pins this match as we took all 3 sets to win our pool.

#Shoutout to Elana for a killer backrow attack followed by a great save to win the point!

We then moved to bracket play were we faced Falls Focus. The girls played really well together and took the game in 2 sets 25-14 and 25-11. We moved on to then play FC Elite in the Semi Finals who really tested our disapplied defense. In game one we were down to the wire when coach Cassie called a time out and was able to earn and ICE pin and pushed us to a 26-24 win. The girls kept the same momentum for game two and won 25-11. We had finally made it to the Championship game, and the girls were tired but so excited to play. We went down 0-8 to begin set 1 from a strong server on the opposing team, but the girls never gave up and fought for every point of the game only to drop it 21-25. They knew they had to leave it all on the court and boy did they! The team again found themselves behind but wanted the title of Champions.

#Shoutout to Clara who stepped up to the line at 20-24 and served us back to even to give us a fighting chance.

We played hard and came away with a 28-26 win on set 2. It all came down to set 3 which is where the girls never looked back. We were able to take the win 15-8 and celebrate the long filled day as Champions! We are so proud of how far the girls have come over the last few months. Not only were we able to give away 12 serving pins for the day, but also handed out our first joust pin!


Coming Soon!


13 White dominated at the Badger Region Championships this weekend in Green Bay bringing home the bronze medal!!

The girls started Saturday off with an early morning battle against Madtown 133 Select. After a sleepy start dropping the first set, the girls battled back to win a very close second set 26-24 and a third 15-8! Aggressive serving by our setters, Emma and Hayden, contributed to the comeback as well as strong swings at the net by Eve and Kiley C. The girls continued their hot start in match 2 beating River City 13 Black in two sets, 25-12 and 25-22. Ava dominated in the match with 6 kills and Hayden continued her aggressive serving with 4 aces. To end the day (and win the pool!) the girls beat 1W Bay 13 Crimson in two sets. The first set was a nailbiter with a 30-28 final score followed by a 25-18 victory in set 2. A strong net presence by Dani, Kiley W, and Ireland contributed to the win as well as tough defense by Jovie and Bri in the back row.

Entering into Sunday, the girls had a play-in match against Wisconsin Elite 13 White to secure a run in the gold bracket. After another very sleepy start, the girls dropped set one 16-25. This was a pivotal point in the weekend and the girls had to make the decision if they were going to keep fighting or give in and go home... With a full crowd of fans cheering them on, the girls turned it around, gave it their all, and dominated the rest of the match with the second set ending 25-17 and the third 15-6!! Superior defense by libero Jovie in the back row contributed to the win with 10 digs and 4 aces. Carolyn and Bri also contributed strongly in the back row keeping balls up and off the floor. 

Entering into the gold bracket, the girls had a tough next match against FC Elite 13 Black. The girls gave them a good fight but ultimately lost 12-25 and 17-25. This led them to the consolation match for third place against MVP 13 Silver. The girls continued to make it interesting, keeping all coaches and fans on the edges of their seats, coming out victorious in a close 3 sets! Kiley C, Ava, and Dani continued to run our front row, Eve didn't let anything touch the ground in the back row, and Emma closed the weekend out with a few Aces. 

This is the moment we have been waiting for and the girls should be so proud of themselves!! They have come so far and fought for every point this weekend!!

14 RED

14 Red came into another open level tournament ranked 5th...but this time it was the Badger Region Championships. Not quite seen as the top dog but definitely in the mix to do some special things. From our experience at the Badger Region Qualifier having a solid day 1 is important when positioning yourself for a successful day 2. When looking at our pool, we knew the opportunity was there. Saturday ended up being a day that we aren't used to seeing. We had a tough time getting into the flow of things and finding consistent energy throughout the day. Even though we ended up going 2-1, we have set some extremely high goals and standards for ourselves and we didn't end up meeting those goals. We still gave ourselves the chance to be in gold on day 2 but we had a much tougher draw to do so. 

Match 1 on day 2 was a step in the right direction for us. Easily one of our most competitive matches of the season against a very strong FC Elite 14 White team. They had already beaten us two times this season but the girls were as focused as ever. A very solid back and forth match that went to 3 sets...unfortunately some timid play and miscommunications hurt us in some points that meant the most. At the end of day 2 we finished up in 6th place... definitely below the expectations that we had for ourselves. We reminded ourselves of the need for perspective. The season that we have had so far and this type of finish in the open division and BRC would have been an amazing feat for this team last season. With these accomplishments and goals being met we must set the bar higher and with that means playing tougher and stronger when it means the most. This also means pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone to see the improvement and growth that is needed to take that next step. We hope to shake this weekend off but also learn from it at the same time. Be proud of what we have done but own what we need to do next.


Coming Soon!


14 White had the Badger Region Championships this weekend! Saturday started bright and early with a three-set match. We won the first set, and the second set was very close and back-to-back the whole time but ultimately lost 26-28. The girls fought back and won the third set. During the second game, the girls dominated, winning both sets 25-11 and 25-12 respectively. The third game was down to the wire, once again going to three sets, but the girls fell short and lost in the third. Going 2-1 on the first day let us have a shot in the bronze or copper brackets. The first game on Sunday determined which bracket we would end up in. It was another close game, and the girls pulled through with another three-set match win! The second game of the day, the first in the bronze bracket, had a strong start, but the girls struggled a bit to finish and lost both sets. Overall, there many highs, but a few lows as well. Gianna led the ace train with 14, Malia with 29 digs and 18 kills, and Lania with 12 block touches/blocks! We gave out one ace pin to Gianna and one joust pin to Lania!

#shoutout to Harlow for getting tournament MVP for Saturday and Gianna for getting tournament MVP for Sunday!

15 RED | 2nd Place

Last weekend, our volleyball team embarked on an exhilarating journey to the Badger Region Championships held in the heart of Green Bay, Wisconsin. With determination and passion coursing through our veins, we stepped onto the court ready to showcase our skills in the prestigious Open Division. Little did we know, we were about to embark on a remarkable adventure that would culminate in a 2nd place victory.

From the moment the first serve echoed through the arena, it was evident that our team was in sync and ready to conquer. Each spike, dig, and block resonated with precision and finesse, leaving our opponents scrambling to keep up with our relentless momentum.

Throughout the tournament, our team exhibited exceptional talent and teamwork, earning accolades and recognition along the way. We proudly adorned our jerseys with serving pins, joust pins, and pancake pins, a testament to our proficiency in various aspects of the game.

As the tournament progressed, the intensity heightened, and so did our determination to succeed. With every match, we faced formidable adversaries, yet we never wavered in our commitment to excellence.

As the final moments of the championship match approached, the energy in the arena reached a fever pitch. Despite the fierce competition, we remained steadfast in our resolve, leaving everything we had on the court. Though we narrowly missed the top spot, our 2nd place finish was a testament to the hard work and camaraderie that defined our team.

Looking back on our journey at the Badger Region Championships, we couldn't be prouder of what we accomplished. We played with heart, determination, and a shared passion for the game that propelled us to new heights. While the trophies and accolades serve as symbols of our success, the memories we created and the bonds we forged will remain etched in our hearts forever.

As we reflect on our achievements, we are reminded that true victory lies not only in the outcome but in the journey itself. And for our team, the journey was nothing short of extraordinary. Until next time, we'll carry the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship with us, ready to take on whatever challenges lie ahead.


Coming Soon!

15 WHITE | 1st Place

What a weekend! These girls are so special! This past weekend 15 White was in Green Bay for Badger Region Championship and came out 1st in the Wisconsin division. Saturday we were down 2 girls, but that didn’t stop us from going 3-0. We had a pretty overall solid day of good volleyball putting us in 1st in our pool leading into the second day. On Sunday we were back to our full team and came out on top in our challenge game advancing us to the gold bracket. Our semi-final game was a battle. We came out super strong in the first set, but had some struggle to get it going in the second set. At one point we were down 4-18 and came back and won 25-23! Shoutout to Stella for blocking so aggressive and Summer for helping us with her amazing serves which brought us back in that set to win the match! This put us in the championship game against Wisconsin Elite who we have been challenged by previously in a different tournament. We came out on top with the scores of 25-14 and 25-11 playing some of the best volleyball we have ever played! So much to be proud of as these girls all deserved it for playing their hearts out and overcoming adversity. 


Coming Soon!


16White played at the Sting Center last weekend, coming in as the 5th seed in the Shamrock Shuffle. We ended up in a smaller pool where each match consisted of 3 guaranteed sets to 25, also playing 6 straight sets without a break.

Pool play started strong with winning our first 2 sets vs Heat 16 Black and securing a spot in the Gold Bracket. Our 2nd match vs 360VA initially continued that momentum with a convincing 1st set, but ultimately ended up losing in 3 sets (in set 3 we were first to 15 and first to 20 points, we just didn't have enough gas to reach 25 in our 6th set).

During bracket play we just couldn't get our momentum back. Starting each set too quiet and cautious, we ended up losing to Epic 16 Royal 20-25, 19-25 and finishing in 5th place.

Over the last few tournaments it's encouraging that we've been placing at or above our initial seeding, but I think the coaches and players are both feeling there's another level we can still reach. We'll be playing shorthanded at the Badger Regions Championships next weekend, but I'm excited to see how we respond!

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