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2024 Tournament Recaps - Week 10

Updated: Mar 18

Week 1 of the Badger Region Championships started up in Appleton for our 10s, 11s, and 12s! Our older teams play in single day tournaments and what a weekend for I AM!

10 RED

The 10 Red team played in the Badger Region tournament this weekend at the Champion Center.  We came ready to play in the afternoon wave but then had a pretty significant delay before we hit the court.  Our first match was against Tempo 11s, and we managed to take that match to 3 sets.  We had a bit of a slow start but showed good potential as we went into the next two matches.  We played two tough sets against Madtown but came up short and ended the day against WI Juniors - we were sooo close but just couldn't close the gap and lost those two sets in close competition.  As part of the tournament on Saturday, we also had a work assignment.  Despite the young age of this team, they took on the work assignment with confidence and performed better than the other working teams, so I was very proud of them for that!

We had the afternoon wave again on Sunday to play in the Copper Bracket and again, after a short delay, took the court against Madtown. This was by far one of the most fun matches we played all season.  The energy was high, the cheering was loud, and we played outstanding.  The star of the match was really our serving.  Everyone contributed and we won in two sets!  From there we played against Just a Game but we just couldn't sustain the energy.  We ended up dropping that match in two sets.  

I am very proud of how the girls handled themselves through this long weekend.  Overnight tournaments can be hard - with so much going on, it's sometimes hard to maintain focus but they did a fantastic job.  It has also been really great to see them all come out of their shells and cheer and support each other.  We have on more tournament to go - the season goes by too fast!  I am excited to see how we finish out next weekend -keep you posted!

11 RED | 3rd Place

Even though we do have 1 event left in early April, this weekend's Badger Region Championships was the event that we worked all season to prepare for. The level of competition would be more balanced and the challenges could require the players to navigate some of their most nervous moments thus far.   Entering with a real chance to finish in the top half of the gold bracket, in the higher division, was something the girls had come to expect.  

We began Saturday as the number 4 overall seed (should have been 3...but that's for another discussion).  We began the day playing an improved Hamilton Chargers team that constantly tested our engagement and readiness as they repeatedly kept rallies alive.  We were able to win in 2.  We then faced the Midwest Penguins and handled them in 2 sets. This led to our 3rd attempt to defeat Sting Black, with each of the previous 2 matches finding us on the short end of a 3rd set.  Once again, we found ourselves in a 3rd set, where we really struggled to get out of some rotations on serve receive.  We had our chances to win in 2 sets, and felt good going into the 3rd, but it wasn't to be.  We ended up 2nd in our pool, but on our way to the gold bracket.

On day 2 we faced the Wisconsin Juniors, a pool winner from Saturday.  We dominated them with aggressive serves and consistent in-system play.  This win propelled us to the semis against Sting Gold.  We struggled to play confident enough to really provide any resistance early on.  Towards the end of the 1st set, we did show some life that we hoped would carry over to the 2nd set.  While the 2nd set was much more competitive, our opponent's aggressive serving pushed us around too often. Despite this result (we scored more points than any other team did this weekend against them), we regrouped and played very well in the 3rd place match against Sting White.  Other than a few tense moments in set 2, it was the cleanest we played all weekend.  Securing 3rd is a great finish, essentially making us the 3rd best 11's team in the state; with only a few 11 year-olds...the group is very young!  

There were plenty of moments this weekend where girls played well that deserve some recognition, but I'll keep it short.  Nore Schueller had some really outstanding plays in the front row, most of which we hadn't even seen in practice.  Emily Guse's effort was consistent and her willingness to go after attacks and play well at the net are some of her biggest improvements.  In the end, it is our setters, Kennedy Hiller and Jaidyn Alexander, who work so hard to keep our offense afloat.  They work so hard in so many setter specific areas that they have added tools to their bag.  They are our co-MVPs from the weekend and it has been a pleasure to teach them such a difficult and demanding position.  From what we have seen, they very well could be the best setting tandem in the region at the 11's age group.  They just take their responsibilities so seriously and they exhibit the demeanor of a setter:  Composed, calm, timely, and accountable.


Coming Soon!

12 RED | 1st Place

I AM 12 RED was confident that they could ride their momentum from last weekend into the open division of the Badger Regions Championships this past weekend in Madison.  

I AM 12 RED started out day one facing a very good serving Burlington Elite team.  I AM held their ground and started the weekend off with a convincing 25-17, 25-16 victory.  In Match 2,  I AM faced a scrappy Wisconsin ICE team but they remained steady winning 25-11, 25-14.  The last match of the day was against Sting Silver, a team that I AM had never faced before.  I AM started off dominating from the service line winning 25-10 and followed that up with a 25-18 victory to secure 1st place and a bye into the semi final match on Sunday.

After reffing, I AM was excited to play Sting White, a team that had beaten them earlier in the season.  I AM came out very focused in game 1 with aggressive serves and a transition offense that could not be stopped winning game 1, 25-13.  In game 2, I AM took an early lead and maintained this lead throughout the contest with consistent sideouts, although missing 6 serves during this game.  I AM would go on to win 25-22 to advance to the championship match.

In the championship match I AM 12 RED faced an Oconomowoc Volleyball Club team that has been highly ranked for the past couple of years, however I AM has never had the chance to face them.  OVBC came out very strong in game 1 with aggressive serves which put I AM on their heels. I AM 12 RED battled every point and was very disciplined letting many deep serves fly past the end line.  This allowed I AM to pull tied with OVBC at 23-23 and take a 24-23 advantage.  Aggressive serves from behind the line and a great transition offense allowed I AM 12 RED to eventually secure the victory 26-24. 

I AM continued with its consistent play, aggressive serves and dominated game two winning 25-16  The I AM 12 Red team set some goals this season, winning the Badger Region Open Championship was one of those goals.  The I AM 12 RED team is excited to take its instate dominance on the road as they travel to the Northern Lights Qualifier in Minnesota in two weeks.

The coaching staff only has one thing to say ladies!  "THE SKY IS THE LIMIT"

Keep putting in the work! 


Our two-day tournament in Appleton consisted of many highs and some lows. On the first day, they won their first game 25-21 and 25-23, the second game they lost 19-25 and 12-25, the third game we won 23-25, 25-19, and 17-15. On the second day, they won their first game 25-18 and 25-14; in the last game, they lost 19-25 and 12-25. The girls learned the importance of quick and snappy transitions! Keeping up with the pace of certain teams and creating their own pace and not lowing their level to other teams.

Jane Mclnytre had our team's FIRST block this year and had 2 overpass kills. As well as 13 aces and 8 kills!

Roxy Ehley received an ace pin that she got from serving the zones Coach Bri gave! This is something we have practiced, having a purpose and aiming for those zones serving and she did amazing! Kennedy Bodus got 9 kills and worked on finding that power and driving the ball into the deep corners! Our tournament MVP was Sydney Massart. DEFINITY deserving, she has been working in and outside of volleyball practices to work on her aggressive serving and smart placements hitting the ball. Hey, for a girl that is only 4’9” her 16 aces, and 9 kills made a huge difference and proves a lot about her talent! In total, we had 47 aces and 45 kills for the weekend! And on top of that we only missed 9 serves all weekend! Outside of volleyball, the girls had fun team bonding nights where they enjoyed swimming and playing hide and seek around the hotel!


Coming Soon!

14 BLACK | 1st Place

Coming Soon!

15 BLACK | 1st Place

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

16 BLACK | 5-0 | 1st Place

10 Sets Played.  10 Set Wins.  0 Timeouts Taken.  

Coming into the Bay Bash this weekend as the top seed we had high expectations for our team this tournament.  We started off the morning SLOW - which is pretty normal for our team -  playing down to the level of our opponent and letting them take a quick lead and hold on to that lead most of the 1st set.  I knew with the leadership we have seen from this team to start the season that the girls could come together and figure out how to win - and win they did.  They eventually came back and took the 1st set of the day 25-20 and the 2nd set 25-21. Our team not only pushed through a slow start - they continued to dominate the rest of the tournament - holding all other opponents to under 20 points in each set.  16 Black has met and exceeded the high expectations we have set for them throughout this season.  We are proud of the effort this team puts into improving their skills every practice and tournament BUT we are more impressed by how these girls support each other in their successes and in their failures, challenge each other to push through adversity.  They are great players and more importantly AMAZING teammates, friends and human beings.  They even earned ice cream for taking on reffing duties when they weren't scheduled so a team could leave and go home.  16 Black is just getting started and we can't wait to see where the rest of the season take us!  

We gave away a number of pins this tournament - 2 Serving Professional Pins to Sam and Katie, 3 Top Server Pins to Ava, Khiah and Lily, Overpass Kill Pins to Laila, Ava, Alayna and 2 to Lily.

Our MVP this tournament could have gone to ANY of our players

They all played outstanding team volleyball.  We made the exciting and tough decision to award the pin to Reese Regnitz this tournament who pushed through some struggles on the offensive end and had a fantastic tournament - ending the championship winning rally with a beautiful cut shot kill from the outside.  

17 BLACK | 1st Place

Coming Soon!

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