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Tournament Results - Jan 12-13th

Week 2 of the season brought us some exciting tournament results. All of our teams competed this weekend and 8 teams went to the Winter Classic downtown Milwaukee to compete in a one or two day tournament.

10 Red

The 10's had their first tournament this weekend and they were excited to jump into competition. They head over to the Sting Center. This would be the first tournament for most of these kids and they didn't know what to expect.

"They did a great job of doing what we asked them to do!"

#shoutout to Lily who had this to say after taking second in the tournament:

"I think we did really good and it doesn't matter that we took 2nd. What mattered is that we played like a team!"

That is what it is all about!

11 RED

They had their second tournament of the year this weekend and they had a very successful day! They won their pool 3-0. During that process they won 2, 3-set matches.

"We overcame some uncharacteristic reluctant play on our parts."

This is telling of a team that has the ability to refocus within matches and overcome some questionable play. In the end they lost in the semifinals which placed them tied for 3rd out of 16 teams! Coach Heitzkey had this to say about his team:

"Our girls continue to try to meet the coaches’ expectation to incorporate 3 contacts when we are playing the ball. As a result, we look sharper, more confident, and competent. As the skills continue to improve, I like our chances to be a very tough team that plays the right way!"

12 Red

The 12's were at the winter classic this weekend at the Wisconsin Center. They played a full day tournament on Saturday and finished 3rd in the Gold Bracket!

"Our serving was much improved since our last outing!"

These girls continue to improve and the coaches are excited to see that growth continue!

13 Red

This weekend was their first tournament and they were excited to start playing! They had a

great debut taking 2nd in their first tournament. The championship match was exciting and went 3 games! (It wouldn't be a Championship if it didn't go 3) #shoutout to Josie and Lily for their blocking!

"They protected the net and dominated on overpasses!"

Coach Cass was extremely impressed on how they competed through the day! Having a team that wants to compete and win makes coaching way more fun!

This is what happens when you let the kids out of your sight!

14 Red

The 14s team came away with a 4th place finish out of 15 teams in the 14 Premier Division of the "Winter Classic". The weekend before they took at 2nd place finish at "Let the Games Begin" at Center Court. The team has already showed a lot of progress and have played at a high level. Most importantly, they have a done a great job of supporting each and consistently bringing a high energy level of practices and games. They are ready to take the next step!

14 Black

This weekend was awesome for the 14 Black team! They have been working on free ball

transitions and a tough serving/serve receive game, and they made very distinct improvement over the course of the tournament.

"#shoutout to Peyton whose strong serving brought us back from a 18-24 deficit to win the set!"

14 White

The team picked up their first wins on Saturday and took 2nd in their pool leading them into the Silver Bracket. The team overall had many improvements from last weeks tournament. #shoutout to Delanie and Eleanor for some amazing serving runs. Delanie with 10 and Eleanor with 8. Both runs helped the team pick up their W's!

15 Red

This was the first time this group competed in the Open Division of a tournament. Coach

Jungbauer was very pleased with their performance against some of the top teams in the Midwest. 

"To finish in the Gold Bracket for the first time competing in an Open Division is a great start."

We will look for the girls to use this experience as fuel to strive for consistency in the future.  Next up for 15-Red is the 17's division at the Juniors Freeze Tournament in Pleasant Prairie on January 27th.

15 Black

#shoutout to the entire 15 Black team for being our first team to take home the gold this season! They finish #1 at Milwaukee Lutheran winning the in championship in 3!

"They had a Never Say Die attitude, and it paid off!"

Coach Braedy is thankful for his team hitting floor and jumping high!

16 Red

They ended up in 5th place overall after one tough loss in the first game in the Gold bracket, where our setter went down with an injury. The whole team rallied and #shoutout to Farren for stepping up to set for the first time since she was 13!

"She did an amazing job and the rest of the girls really picked up their game to support her."

We ended playing some of the best volleyball we’ve played all season and we are so proud of how they came together faced with a huge challenge.

17 Red

The 17's showed mental strength this weekend playing in the 18's Division #PlayingUp and

doing so short handed. Missing a few players from injuries and other scheduling conflicts they finished the day with 7 players and too 7th in Gold! Coach Wienkes was proud of the way her players played under these circumstances.

"We played well every singe game this weekend"

They have a few weekends off to rest up and get back to full strength!

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