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2023 Tournament Recap - Week 18

After a small break 15 Red starts off the post season with first with a trip to the Cream City Challenge hosted by MVP.

15 RED

Going into this extended season tournament in Franklin - Cream City Challenge - as the coach of this amazing team was an understatement. They did an amazing job despite the extremely HOT facility. We were put into the 16's level going in and found out we were seeded 2nd out of 12 teams which then placed us in a stacked pool. But, that didn't phase this team. They came out with a positive attitude and stepped up to play their hearts out!!!!

We came out on day 1 sailing through the first match against Madtown 15-1 National Team taking them in two. The second match against MVP 15 Blue was more of a challenge. We beat this very talented team in two games where the points were exchanged back-to-back throughout both games but we came out ahead again. Third match of the day was against the number one seed in our pool from IL - Sky High Adidas Red. They took us to three very close games. We fought hard but they came out ahead in the 3rd game beating us 15 - 10. We were very proud of how all the players stepped up and played their position as they should have and we couldn't have asked for any more of them. It had been a LONG HOT day in the gym and we just couldn't get ahead at the end to pull out a win. (Finishing Day 1 - 2-1)

Going into day 2 the girls were pumped to face this day with a vengeance. They knew what they had to do all over again AND step it up a level. First match again was easy sailing, well at least the first set was, until the girls slipped a little in the second set and worried us a bit. Timeout was called at 21-20 and we finished it, 25-20........WHEW!!!!!

Now to the Semi-Finals in Gold!!!! We had to face the same MVP team as we did on day 1 that we beat so we knew they were going to come out strong. We didn't let them dominate in any way. The girls played a very competitive match and we came out on top in two sets.

Gold Finals - yes, we faced the Sky High 16's team again. The girls went into this with the mindset that "It is OUR turn to come out on top!!!" We were not going to let them push us out. We definitely had to fight for each and every point. The other team was determined and disciplined and brought us to 3 sets with I AM Volleyball Club taking the GOLD!!!! All of our players had a great attitude and they never gave up which brought us back when we were down points.

I want to say that this is a very talented team and I was honored to be asked to coach them in Coach Austin and Coach Kevin's absence. Thank you Coach Corey for coming on day 2 to help and experience this joyous moment for this team. And to Coach Kevin for showing up for the Championship game to support and coach them for the WIN!!!! I felt that ALL the players came out strong and played consistently. Some struggled a bit but the other's picked them up as a team should. I am very proud of this team. This is definitely a memorable tournament WIN for the 15 RED team and THANK YOU for letting me be a part of it!!!!

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