Our organization believes that the lessons athletics teaches us stays with us throughout our lives. The structure, the discipline and effort required to succeed in sports – especially team sports – teaches its participants the lifelong lessons of teamwork, confidence, adversity and overcoming obstacles.  

Club Directors

Jarrod Luedtke and Austin Cass are the two directors at I AM Volleyball. They are both passionate about teaching the love of the game! They will talk volleyball all day if you let them! Contact them with any questions you have about the club.


About Us

I AM Volleyball – Volleyball Club is a 501 c 4 non-profit youth organization founded by Jarrod Luedtke and Todd Lyon in 2012

WE BELIEVE that the lessons athletics teaches us stays with us throughout our lives. The structure, the discipline and effort required to succeed in sports – especially team sports – teaches its participants the lifelong lessons of teamwork, confidence, adversity and overcoming obstacles.  


OUR PROGRAM is dedicated to the growth, development and education of its players and their families. Our vision of “complete player” development charges us with the task of preparing players for the physical, mental and emotional demands that high-level competition places upon athletes.


TOGETHER with our positive reinforcement tactics and an emphasis on setting individual and team goals, I AM Volleyball will foster a sense of competitive togetherness. Our athletes will be put in an environment that can and will allow for personal achievement inside the team dynamic. We place an emphasis on performance coupled with an enjoyment of the sport and personal accomplishment.


OUR COMMITMENT to this sport and those who love and support it is what fuels our efforts. We understand that for most, volleyball is not the only important thing in life, but for our athletes and their families it is a very important part of their lives at this time. The path to personal and team achievement is difficult and unpredictable.


OUR STAFF recognizes this and pledges to proactively assist the players and their families with the struggles they may encounter along the way. The goals and objectives of the player must be synthesized with that of the team and the program as a whole. This requires compromise and understanding on behalf of all parties involved.


I AM VOLLEYBALL chooses the best players in the area to compete locally, regionally and in the future, nationally. The junior volleyball teams that I AM Volleyball hosts are a vehicle for young athletes to improve their skills physically, mentally and socially.

Conflict Resolution

We try our best to make sure each family has an enjoyable experience at our club. If we have a conflict with a family and our club we have a guideline to follow.

Refund Policy

10 out of 10 families enjoyed their experience with I AM in 2018 but if you are not enjoying your time we will refund your money. Review our refund policy to see how it works.

Low Cost

We keep our expenses low. Our regular season costs range from $600 - $1550. The money families pay to be apart of our club will go towards uniforms, coaches, gym time, and tournaments.

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Private Lessons

If you are looking for more court time and one on one instruction from an experienced coach. We can accommodate you! Lessons are $70/hour. That covers the gym and the instructor.

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Academy Nights

The Academy Nights are open to all current I Am players and these are hosted Monday Nights at St Paul's in Grafton. Each week we pick a skill and work on it for 1-2 hours.

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Development Program

Our youth program has been around for 4+ years and we keep the reps high with a 5:1 ration for player to coach. There are two sessions that last six weeks each.

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Summer Camps

Once the season ends we will be promoting our summer camp series. We dive into individual positions; hitting, setting, and defense.

Summer Skill Camps

Experienced Coaches

Our staff comes with a lot of experience. We have current North Shore coaches teaching our younger groups and experienced coaches for our older levels.

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You've got questions, We've got answers!

What is the Badger Region and what membership do I need?

The Badger Region is the governing body that we get insurance through. They cover all of Wisconsin. All regions are under USAV. Each player and coach require a membership through the Badger Region in order to participate in practices, tournaments, camps and clinics. To get the correct memebership follow these guides provided by the Badger Region. Visit Badger Region Membership Options

Do you have teams for boys?

No. We do not have any all boys teams. Boys are allowed to play on girls teams as long as they play up an age group. That cutoff is at age 12 for boys. We do offer a development program that is open for boys and girls! This is an excellent program for beginners! Learn More

Do you go to the Great Lakes Power League?

No. We do not go to the GLPL. We look for competition in Wisconsin and we will play up an age group or two to find the right competition. We will be sending some teams to the NEW Badger Region Power League.

What team should my daughter tryout for?

A great way to determine what team they should tryout for goes as follows: 10's - 4th Grade 11's - 5th Grade 12's - 6th Grade 13's - 7th Grade 14's - 8th Grade 15's - 9th Grade 16's - 10th Grade 17's - 11th Grade If you are older for your grade you can waiver down to play with your class.

How many kids on each team?

We aim for 10 players on each team.

What is the cost to play club?

Our costs range from $600 - $1600. Our fees go towards uniforms, practice, tournaments, and coaches. Travel, hotels, and food will be extra. Learn more about our teams

How many practices a week?

We have one practice during the weekdays and one practice on Sunday afternoon. We also host a club-wide Academy Nights on Mondays starting in January. It last 8 weeks and alternates between the younger group and the older group.

How many tournaments do you play in?

For ages 13 and up we range form 14-16 play dates. That usually translates to 8-10 tournaments. For ages 12 and under play in 5-6 tournaments.

How does playing time work?

Our club provides fair playing time. Which may not mean equal playing time. We keep team rosters to 10-11 players to make sure everyone gets in the match. Younger groups will lean more towards equal playing time during pool play but in playoffs coaches will put their lineup to win.

Do you offer anything else besides club teams?

Yes! We have camps throughout the year. We offer a Development Program for kids 12 and younger. To stay up-to-date on what is going one with I AM subscribe to our news letter and never miss a registration date!




Grafton, WI

Jarrod: 262-208-6345

Austin: 608-335-0747

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