As you all know, the badger region has changed the tryout policy and have allowed clubs to offer positions to players in August if you have played for that club the previous season.  As I'm sure you are all aware, this is a very delicate situation and many conversations were had on this subject with coaches, parents and players.  I AM has always been know as a club of loyalty and we did want to recognize this in some fashion for the coming season.  After careful thought, we have decided to implement the following:


For the 15, 16, and 17 teams this year, all player that have played for I AM the 3 previous years will be receiving an early offer to play for I AM.  These players will receive an offer from the coach from their upcoming season during the early offer period.  At that point it is up to the player to decide if they would like to commit to I AM for the upcoming season, or be subjected to the tryout process.  All players, even those who have already committed to the team must attend the tryout process.  For those that have received an early offer, there will be no fee for the tryout process.  


For the 14 and below age bracket, I AM will not be using the early offer process at this time.  Although I AM still remains one of the most loyal clubs in the region, the tryout process is a great time for players to show off their skills and impress the coaches.  We are confident that players that have played for I AM and have continued to develop their skills in camps over the summer, have a great opportunity to make our teams.    


I AM is extremely excited to be able to reward players that have been trained inside of the I AM program and we looking forward to watch the succeed in the upcoming Club Season.

Frequently asked questions

What if I join the team when I am 14?

If your daughter makes the 14U team and then continues to make the team at 15U and 16U, she will receive an early offer for her 17U year.

My daughter's 3rd year was on the Black team. Does she get an offer for the Red or Black team the following year?

Your daughter will receive an early offer to play on the same team she was on the previous year. If you would still like to be considered for the Red team, she can tryout for the team and the tryout fees will be waived. If she makes the Red team, she will get an offer to play on the Red team for future seasons!

What happens if we decline the early offer?

You can decline the early offer and continue to tryout for our club in November and any other club you are considering to play for.

When do the years start for this program?

We are starting this program at the 12U level. If you make the team at 12, 13, and 14, you will get an ealry offer as long as you accept each year.

Does my daughter need to play 3 years in a row or 3 years total?

The loyalty program is for players that have played 3 years in a row. Once the streak is broken, they will need to start over. Example: Played for 12s then skipped 13s and came back and played for our 14s. They would now need to play for the 15s and 16s to get an early offer for their 17s year.