Fitness Class
I AM Strong, I AM Fast, I AM Quick... I AM Volleyball

Increase Your Speed & Agility

For Grades 7th-12th

We are excited to introduce our Speed & Agility Program this summer! This has been a long time requested program and we have put together an awesome plan to help players move faster on the court! Just in time for the school season!

  • Group One (9am - 10am)

  • Group Two (10am - 11am)

  • 6 Week Program (12 Days)

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Program Shirt

  • Achievement Badge

  • Starts July 6th

  • Ends August 12th

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Catered for Volleyball Players

This program is for volleyball players. Working on being more explosive to the balls. That includes setters being able to get to more balls, hitters adjusting faster to a variety of sets, and defensive players digging saving more balls. We will incorporate fitness moves along with on court experience to help translate the moves to the volleyball courts!


Showing Progress

Day one starts with a benchmark test to see where each player starts in this program. Each player with to a T-Test, Vertical Test, and a Pro-Agility Test. Half way through we will test again and the last day we'll have our final test.

Certified Trainer

We are excited to add Mitchel Klopp from Moro Performance to our camps as he leads the kids in this fun and challenging program. 

  • 6 Years of Professional Experience

  • Degree in Exercise & Physiology

  • Masters in Leadership

  • Former Volleyball Player

  • Worked with Concordia and UW Milwaukee Athletics

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Assisting Coaches

Austin Cass and Jamie Wille will be assisting Mitchel during this program!


  • 6 Week Program

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Program Shirt

  • Achievement Badge

  • Starts July 6th

  • Ends August 12th


Our most popular camp! This one fills up fast, so make sure to sign up early! We go over the mechanics of swinging and talk through adding power and control to find the right balance. We will work our way into game scenarios for each position so hitters create a higher volleyball IQ before they leave.

Program Fee: $150
Location: Our Savior
Group One 9am - 10am
Group Two 10am - 11am