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I AM Volleyball offers a development series to help young kids grow the love of game. This very popular volleyball series is for kids just starting out with volleyball or wanting to get an early start in the club scene! We have kids ranging from 7 - 12 years old! Featuring very energetic and knowledgeable coaching staff!


Look for the I AM Volleyball Development Series membership for $15. All Development Series require you to have a current Badger Region Membership for insurance.

SERIES 1 & 2

SUNDAYS Jan/Feb and Feb/Mar

6 Dates Each

20 Player Limit

THE DEVELOPMENT SERIES 1 & 2 is dedicated in providing a FUN, educational, and a highly engaging volleyball experience for girls and boys 12 years old and younger.


GREAT for kids who are new to volleyball, can't make the time commitement for club, or looking to make a middle school team. A lot of our kids form this program have gone on to make one of our club teams!


WE BEGIN in January and the next second session starts at the end of February. Each player will be skill tested and assigned to an appropriate level court that will help build their volleyball success!


YOU WILL RECEIVE high energy instruction from experienced coaches, a cool t-shirt, and meet new friends! 

January - February

Group One | Time: 12-1pm

Group Two | Time: 1:15 - 2:15pm

February - March

2/16/20 | 2/23/20 | 3/1/20 | 3/8/20 | 3/15/20 | 3/29/20

Group One | Time: 12-1pm

Group Two | Time: 1:15 - 2:15pm

Sign up for the 1st hour or the 2nd hour no matter your age. Limited to 20 kids per session.

**Only 1 group per kid. you cannot sign up for both hours.


MONDAYS Starting in April

5 Dates

30 Player Limit or 5 Teams

Our Savior Grafton, WI

Perfect transition from our Development Series 1 & 2 to teach the team aspect of the game. This league is for kids 12 and under and we will be using volley-lites. Boys and Girls are welcome to sign up!

Nationals fundraisers for 16 Red team. Our 16's team will be there to help coach the teams. Each team gets assigned 1 or 2 coaches to help jump in and facilitate the games to keep the rally going! If a team has 6 players the coaches will coach from the sidelines.

Sign up as an individual players or keep your team locked in by signing up as a team!

On the last day we do a full tournament and crown a champion! This year our winners will be getting Championship Rings!

LEAGUE DATES 4/6/20 | 4/13/20 | 4/20/20 | 4/27/20 | 5/4/20


Our Savior, Grafton, WI



4 Days Each

15 Player Limit

Our Savior Grafton, WI


The summer series is two 4-day camps split into 2 age groups. The first group is for kids going into 6th grade and younger. The 2nd group is for incoming 7th graders through incoming 9th graders.

These are all-skill camps. Coaches will breakdown the unique skills of the game like hitting, serving, passing, and setting.

The older kids will be adding Mental Toughness to their skill set during the course of the week.

CAMP ONE 6/15/20 | 6/16/20 | 6/17/20 | 6/18/20

CAMP TWO 6/22/20 | 6/23/20 | 6/24/20 | 6/25/20

June 15th - 18th

Youth Camp | Time: TBD | Duration: 1 hour

Teen Camp | Time: TBD | Duration: 90 min

June 22nd - 25th

Youth Camp | Time: TBD | Duration: 1 hour

Teen Camp | Time: TBD | Duration: 90 min