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Club Team Information

I AM Volleyball Club Teams

We're a competitive club in Wisconsin, consisting of teams ranging from age 10 through 18. Tryouts start in October of each year. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to get notified on summer camps, tune-ups, tryouts, and more!

NEW! Boys Volleyball

We've add Boy's Volleyball to our club, including a 6th grade and a 7th grade team. We will continue to grow boys volleyball every year and are excited to see more and more high schools offering the sport in the fall.

Red Teams

10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18

Black Teams

11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17

White Teams

14 | 15 | 16 | 17

Gold Teams


Club Uniforms

Our 2023 jersey package includes custom jerseys along with Nike warmups, crew socks & backpacks.

The boys teams will receive Nike jerseys, warm-ups, socks and backpacks. We're also getting custom Slunks, exclusively for the boys!

In-Season Fitness Program

We've teamed up with Athlete Performance to take our athletes to the next level through improving their overall athleticism and injury prevention.


All Red teams will have two team workouts per week and can add an additional individual workout throughout the week.


Black and White teams will have one team workout per week. Those two teams have the option to upgrade to the full workout membership individually, adding 2 more workouts per week!

Photo Day

We provide our teams with a memorable team poster every year that each family can download and print. Players are able to get individual photos and posters too!

Recorded Matches

We're more than happy to lend out a GoPro to any family that would like to record matches throughout the season. We'll also let you upload to our YouTube channel to share the games with family, friends, or potential college coaches!

Achievement Pins

Earn your badges throughout the season: Introducing Achievement Pins! Players can earn any of our six achievement pins during their season matches and tournaments and sport them on their backpacks.

Tournament MVP: This will be given to one player every tournament and can be picked by the coaches or the players. An MVP can be the player that was consistent all weekend, makes a big play at the right time, or keeps the team spirit high no matter what!

Top Server: This can be earned multiple times in a tournament. Getting 5 or more aces in a match will earn you this pin!

UPDATED Serving Professional: This pin is made out of special material to signify that you are a super server that got 10 aces in one match!

Pancake Pin: Learn how to perform a successful pancake move and apply it in a game. A pancake must continue the play and cannot be forced just for fun :)

NEW Over Pass Kill: Every time the opposing team sends one over the net and you swing and get the kill you will earn this pin! 

NEW Joust Champion: Win the battle at the net for a point to earn this pin! The joust must end in a won point in order for it to count!

NEW ICED: This one is for the coaches! Anytime a coach calls a timeout and the other team misses their next serve (intentional or by accident) the players will award their coach this pin!

Tournament Locations 

Most tournaments are within an hour drive of Grafton, WI. However, in April 2023, we will be heading back to the JVA World Challenge in Louisville, KY!

Practice Locations

We have 3 locations that we use for practices:

  • Athlete Performance in Mequon, WI: our main location typically used for our older teams

  • Our Savior in Grafton, WI: typically used for our younger teams

  • Kennedy Elementary School in Grafton, WI: typically used for our younger teams

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